I really don't need as much s**

My husband and I have been married for over 34 years now. He has always needed more s** than I. When we were first married he wanted s** at least three times a day and sometimes more. So for the first ten years or so we had s** at least twice a day. He would wake me up in the morning and want s**. Then before bedtime. And sometimes he would come home for lunch and we would go up stairs and make love. He's always wanted way more than me.

I have always taken care of his sexual needs feeling it was my wifely duty to make sure he was satisfied. This including me faking, yes faking o****** to stroke his ego and make him feel confident. At sometime or another most women have done this. You men have very fragile egos when it comes to s**. My husband still wants to have lots of s**. The only thing is now I'm not really able to give him all he needs. I just don't have the desire.

Another thing I don't get is you men and your thing about size. Jesus what the h*** is it? Why do you want to know about the size of our past lovers if we had them. I don't know about other women but I never measured my other lovers the few I had. Get over yourselves. Yes some men are bigger. So what! I had to lie about my previous lovers size so as not to bruise my husband's fragile ego and self esteem.


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  • After reading the comments and your responses, I don't think you necessarily dislike s**, you just don't get much out of it with your husband. In other words it's getting boring as h***. Have you considered opening your marriage up? My wife became a hotwife. In other words she sees other men occassionally, but not behind my back. She tells me all about her "dates".Your husband obviously gets off hearing about your past s** with other men. Think about how he would get off if you are f****** other men now. Think about finding a man who makes you want to have s** and not doing it behind hubby's back, but with his knowledge. He might not be up for it, but then he might. Next time he brings up size tell him you really don't know but would love to fund out. See what happens. I'm betting you'll get his attention in a positive way. Better than divorce, beleive me. Everybody wins.

  • I couldn't really be a hotwife. First off I'm not as trim as I once was. I also don't really have a desire to be with anyone other than my husband. He is trying to interest me in some man he met on line who he thinks I might enjoy being with. Well the whole thing really disgusting to me.

  • You should get divorced, as you are lying to your husband every time you have s**. If you don't want s** anymore, you have no right to condemn your husband to a sexless life.

    I could never do that to my husband. Luckily, we both love s**. And after 25 years of marriage and 6 kids we still can't keep our hands off each other.

    Get divorced and live your life as you want. And let him live his life was he wants.

  • I bet you would like to do something with someone else though? Admit it?!

  • Sure I see men I think I might like to sleep with but I that's just it. Maybe I'm bored with my husband. He's not really what I'd call spectacular in bed anyway. I felt like a w**** sometimes. Cause he put such and emphasis on s**. S**, s**, s**, s** and more s**. Oh well maybe I should divorce him. He's not some great catch believe me.

  • Then right now is a good time for you to have an o*****, are you ready??

  • Men do what they do because of women. You tell men size doesn't matter, but then f*** or at least eye-f*** every man you see with a large d***. Way to make your man feel secure when you and your girlfriends keep going on about Johnny's big d***, and wondering what he's up to now and who the lucky girl is.
    And FYI, most men know when you woman fake o******. We act like we don't, but we do. There is something about a REAL o***** that you just can't fake, and trust me, us men know the difference. So the next time you fake an o***** and you thing moaning is all you need, just remember you can't fake the changes in your breathing, the irregular muscle twitches, or the glow you give off from a REAL o*****.

  • Interesting point of view. I do look at other men. But I don't say anything about his p****. I might comment saying he's good looking but the only way I might say anything about his size is if he's an actor and he doing full frontal for the show he's staring in. But then my husband will usually say, "hey check out his c*** it's pretty big." Prime example was the show " Black Sails ". You also say lots of actresses full frontal and plenty of ass also. But when it comes to size it's my husband pointing it out. Maybe that's just him I don't know. I do know of all the lovers I've had he's the only one who made me measure him. My husband over the years loved to always make comments about other women. Including to tell me if he wanted to make love to them. Including friends of mine. He has stopped doing that for the most part now. Which I appreciate.

  • My present boyfriend knows my ex was larger than him, (gossip), but has pretty much accepted it.

  • It sounds like you need someone to re-spark your desires?
    Plus you sound like you need to have o*****'s too?
    What do you think?

  • I thought it was just do to the changing from having a period to not. But I guess my husband doesn't really interest me like that anymore. He's not really gifted in that department if you know what I mean ( size wise )

  • You have been having a lot of s*X to please both of you, but you are not getting the pleasure you deserve; and for a very long time?
    Why don't we get to know each other? X

  • And women wonder why men obsess over the size of their d***. Well guess what, men also obsess over the size of women too. We don't like small or sagging t***, flat a****, sloppy vaginas, or FUPA's. Do some f****** situps and lose that fat gut.

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