Caught my son watching p*** while I was

Most of the times when my son is coming after school he goes to the computer to do his homework and I cook and watch the tv at the same time. The computer and the tv are in the living room so sometimes I would watch by seconds and by mistake the screen of the computer, is always happening as we are sharing the same space but the screens are facing different directions.

One day he was in the computer and I was cooking and watching the tv, from one to another moment I saw a little window in the computer, that was a window of a woman getting f*** really hard and a big window of his email. He was pretending reading his email! I started to feel so weird and shock at the begging, I wanted to go directly to him and tell him to close intermediately that window but I did not really new if that was a good idea as I know he is 15 and is really normal for man to explore themselves so I did not say nothing.

Another day he was again in the computer and I needed to go outside home for only 10 minutes I told him I was coming back soon. When I came back I saw he was jerking his p**** in front of the computer I was again shock and I just pretended nothing happened, he intermediately tried to hide his p**** in his pans but that was really late I saw him. After that he turned off the computer and went to his bedroom. I don't know how to really react.

4 days after I though everything was a short momentum of necessity from him so that day I finished early cooking and decided to take my make up in the sofa. He was in the computer and just in that moment realized I could watch his screen. I did not wanted because I know he is a really calm boy and I though he was not doing it again with me really closed. But I watched and he was watching again p*** I don't know what to do, or should I talk to him?

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  • Watch with him, and talk about it. It will strengthen your relationship as an alternative to just-p***. Knowing you won't shame him may even make p*** less addictive.

  • Not sure. And what should I say about it??

  • Leave him alone and let him w***, you witch.

  • I'm a young guy If any girls truly does this honestly. Add my snap plz. Andyc2104 And say family so I know where u got my snap. And DNT be shy and add me. Only if u really do this. Girls only.

  • I would suggest getting naked with him and watching a scene from beginning to end together and then have s** afterwards.

  • Never! And how that could even help!

  • I would love to be your son. Id take it one step.furtther and hump a pillow in front

  • S** with him would show the difference between a fantasy girl and being with a real woman who loves him. Also you are enjoying it on some level. If you were not enjoying it you would not sit there and watch him play with his p****.

    My son did this type of thing, and we ended up as lovers. He is the most considerate, caring, and sexiest man I have ever been with. It 10 years now and he got married last year to a wonderful woman.

    But we still spend a night together each week.

  • This is the way it should be!

  • This is a normal process for a young man, but you have a duty as his mother to guide him, you need to be honest and tell him you know he was masturbating to p*** and that is fine.
    However p*** give a very different idea than reality.

    You will need to show him your body and explain the erogenous zones allow him to explore himself and you, telling him what his future girlfriends will enjoy, I hope I've helped

  • I 100% agree. I did this with my mother and it is a huge benefit to me now. Great experience!

  • My 15 year old son did those things also. I ended sitting next to him one day and watched as he jerked.

    The next day I opened my shirt so he could see my b****.

    After a week I got him to stop watching p***, by sitting on the couch naked and let him strip naked and m********* over me. I started to joined him a week later. He 19 now and we have been doing this almost every day for 5 years.

    Since last year I have been letting him c** in my mouth from jerking. I don't suck me, but really want his c***.

  • I first started playing with my son when he was little, gave him many jerks before he came the first time at 12, he licked my p**** better than my ex ever did, from the time he was 8 he never slept In his own bed when he was at my home for the weekend, loved having his d*** in my p****

  • Do you let him do a*** to you?

  • A 3 month enforced abstinence detox.

  • P*** tends to be a huge addiction, so he can't control it

  • I think you should watch p*** and then get naked and m********* with him...

  • Show interest in his interests, it will bring the both of you closer. And if necessary m********* with him, show him that it's normal to get yourself off regardless of age, and if he makes a move on you, go for it, those teen c**** with bring you pleasure like never before.

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