T-girl f****** my fiancee's sister

It simple I'm a 25 year pre-op Tgirl. 5' 2" 108 lbs nice b**** ( a B-cup, I wish they were bigger) and very feminine even without make up.

My fiancee Jack who is 40 is on a 2 month long business trip and his 24 year old sister Kelly is stay with me while he gone.

Kelly and I have become really close the last three weeks and for the first time in my life I became hard with a woman.

Last Friday night we went to a club, and end up in bed together and had s** several times. I have never Topped any guy, and have always been receiving c***.

We f*** like mad, it was the best s** of my life. All week we have been f****** bareback and c****** I her.

Kelly told me this morning she loves me, and has loved me for the last year. I realized I lovef her also for a long time but fought the feelings. I told her a can't live as a man, and she said she love me as I am the best of both worlds.

I realized I don't feel the connection I have with Kelly with my fiancee.

We both know it will really hurt Jack when I leave him to be with Kelly. But it would hurt him more if I marry him but love his sister.


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  • Has your fiancé returned from his business trip? How’s it going with the sister?

  • I told Jack, and it caused a huge issue with the family. No one will have anything to do with us. And Kelly's parents threw her out of the house.

    I still had my apartment, and she moved in. S** is amazing still and we click on everything. We are a perfect match. Except we can't share trade Bra! Lol.

    She asked me to marry her. I said Yes. We got married last week at City Hall.

    So in love, happy and finally really satisfied sexually.

  • That is wonderful!!! So happy for you both. Even better that you are connecting and having great s**!!! Those are two of the most important parts of a marriage.

    I’m jealous 😊

  • While I’m certain your fiancé will be hurt, finding real and true love is something not easily found. If you have found it don’t let it go.

    Your description of yourself sounds sexy. And how you f***** and came in Kelly is very hot. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit turned on.

  • I meant to ask, what does Kelly look like? The image of you taking her with your hard lady d*** was very hot.

  • She 5 feet tall, nice long black hair. Her legs and butt are fantastic. I'm jealous of her, I wish my were so nice.

    She has a very pretty face and dark green eyes. Her b**** are a C-cup. They are bigger than mine.

  • Great another confused tranny

  • Another a****** who doesnt know the definition of confusion. Go end yourself, conservative n*** while your president rapes kids.

  • Yep. And we're supposed to loudly adore them for their "bravery" or whatever.

    This GUY can't even decide what HE really is. But 9 out of 10 MtF think being a girl is only about having tittays and wearing dresses and long hair. Yeah, real noble there bro.

  • You dont get to take any "highground" about bravery considering people like you support a draft-dodging child rapist. You want bravery? We still come out even knowing unchristian douches like you try to kill us, unlike you who wont even enlist in the military. Take that bravery up your ass, b**** boy.

  • LOL, you know my life? Describe the evidence from which you got your feverish little ideas about who I am or what my values are. Try again, but tread carefully... your mental instability is playing up even more now. You wouldn't know "bravery" if you tripped over it!

  • Agree try having them share you. Alone or as a threesome.

  • Can they share you?

  • I like this idea a lot. And I hope they will give it a try before giving up on it.

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