Gay man stuck in his straight marriage

Hi thier I’m ade a 41 year old guy from the south
I’ve been married to my wife 14 years and I have two kids
Since before I married I had my first gay experience which was at 24 years
I knew from that point I was gay but still married a female
Society says u can’t be gay and in the army this was 1993 at the time and forbidden
Anyway as life goes on I find myself visiting gay saunas weekly to maybe try find out a bit more about myself
I know I’m gay but what am I into fantasy’s etc what guys am I into too
As the time passes and I’m still visiting frequently and becoming more me whilst chatting to other gay bisexual guys
Any last year I met a guy online who was also married and claimed he was bi
We started dating like going out for food and I even invited him around to my family’s home for dinner as he was a friend from work so my wife thinks.
We became close like very close and intimate with each other over last Xmas
I told him I loved him and wanted him in my life full time as he was so perfect and gorgeous for me
He’s still saying he’s bi and won’t come out with me to our wife’s
But I truly want him
What happens now
Does my wife and kids have to put up with the cheating or can I come out and be me



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  • Everyone is f***** here.

    My wife left me after 20 years.
    I think she is going to end up in a gay relationship.
    Gutted me.
    Only once at a party I saw her tongue kiss another woman. They were both moms with kids about the same age. I actually thought it was really hot at the time and talked with her and tried to say I found it really arousing. However she did not pursue it.

    Rejection is such a gutting thing.

    I think the idea of traditional marriage can lead to some really depressing outcomes.

    So my view is wouldn't it be so much better if you could love your wife and still have your gay man-man experiences and s** too and everyone care for each other and be friends and lovers.

  • Ok thanks for your comment
    I’m still currently sleeping with this guy and last night I told my wife I want to explore more in our marriage and try swinging with couples
    She clearly said no and that she was very happy with her s** life as it is thanks
    I don’t know how as I’ve not had s** with her in a long time
    So deep down I hope she’s having s** with someone else as I am and it’s with a man that I adore
    Thanks xxx

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