Mentally retarded grandmother (Part II)

I already told about my grandma who lives with us because she no longer could be alone.

In my first post I told, that she always smiles at me when I show her my c***. I got h**** and went to my room to do something about it.

Yesterday evening she followed me. I lay on my bed jerking my c*** when suddenly my door was opened and my grandma stood in the doorway. she did not say a word but she shook her head "yes", so I went on with jerking. she watched all the time until I came (in a kleenex).

Now she always follows me, when I show her my c***.



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  • Probably a bullshit post but on the outside chance this is real you can go f*** yourself.

  • F*** the old b****!!!!!

  • Ask her whether she wants to touch and hold your hard c***. Hopefully she would and then ask her to stroke it till you c** in her hand. May be at some stage make her willing to offer you her old sagging p**** to you to enjoy!

  • When time is short, we have to make the best of it.

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