Mom's boyfriend my ass.

Let me start by saying my Mom, dosen't really like s**. One a month is enough for her.

16 years ago when I turned 10, my mom's boyfriend seduced me. Mom worked nights and for weeks he spent hours touching my naked body. Kissing me, sucking my d***, and slowly work on getting my ass use to penetration. Any time we were alone his hand was down the back of my pants and on my ass. We also slept together naked on weekends as mom worked a double nursing shift. I really enjoyed it, the feel of his body and touching his c***.

Finally, about 3 months later, he lubricated my ass and said tonight we make love.

He laid me on my back and spread my legs. It hurt alot as he slowly entered me. He has a thick c*** and is 7 inches. But soon he was all the way in and it felt good.

He was gentle and came in me after 10 minutes. It felt so natural to do this I begged him to keep his c*** in me. He did and moved to keep himself hard.

Then he began pumping my ass. By instinct I arch my back so he could go deeper. And f***** me hard, my body spasms and my c*** pulsed, I know now it was trying to c**.

That was the start. He f*** me usually twice day. I love his c*** so much, he has trained my body to c** from ass f******.

I can't get enough of his c***, I've blown him in the kitchen while mom is watching TV down the hall.

I hate on the rare occasions she want s** and he has to f*** Mom.


I us to move out, so we can live our lives
I'm 26 now, I want him all to myself.

Jun 25, 2019

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  • Wow. SO many signs of major mental illness here

  • All men who been used by other will enjoy cuck in them I did

  • Exactly you were just a kid but you loved him touching you, all this s*** about abuse of kids they love being touched and once you start touching them they want it al the time

  • My mom divorced when I was 13. I'd already been making out with other boys and when she started dating I was getting it from a few of her boyfriends.

  • I love being gay and getting f*****

  • I would never pump another bloke's s***, I liken that to jumping out of a helicopter at 3,000 feet without a parachute.

  • If you want to move ahead with him. Give the issue a push You two need to get caught by mom f******.

    That will end her relationship with him and you can be with your lover.

    Of course it will end your relationship with mom also.

    Good luck.

  • I would have started you long before 10, nice tight boipussy is so good

  • My uncle started with me at 7 sucking on his c*** head he c** on my face .. then he feed me it with his finger and c*** head .. that afternoon he f*** my ass crack then push his c*** head in me i yep and he push in a little more . By now I crying and trying to pull away but he pulled me back and was ball deep in me . As he f*** me he told me my older brother cry like me when he took his boipussy but like it like you will !! He was right I was there every weekend in his bedroom getting f*** he love my girly ass as he called it .

  • I started to let an older boy f#ck my boipussy when I was nine. Mom's boyfriend caught us and wanted me for him only.

  • Nine year olds need a double penetrated

  • U will never get him again

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