Scared of a*** from the guy I love

I'm a young gay guy 18 only 5 feet tall and very my body is very slim. I've only been with 2 guys in my life. Their c**** were small like mine only 5 inches. I sucked them but I am an a*** virgin.

I was homeless when I met this very hot guy who has been very good to me and dating me for a month now. I moved in with him the first night. I love him.

My problem is he is huge. 10 inches at least and very thick. I struggle to get his c*** in my mouth to give him head. He is very rough and I will always suck him willingly but he really forces me blow him.

Last night he forced me again to deep throat him. I resisted for a minute then he slapped me hard and said "Suck it c***". I couldn't breath and he is really hurting me again. Now he said he wants my ass. He is obsessed with taking my a*** cherry.

When we are not in bed, he treats me like gold and is very loving. But in bed he abuses me and hurts me.

I am so scared of him f****** me. He doesn't want to use lub and said I'll enjoy more.

His c*** is too big for my ass. But if I don't give in I think he will rape.


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  • Maybe rough s** turns him on. But you have to have a safe word so he knows it's to much. As far as a*** try playing with some d***** or butt plugs. As far as during it dry that's crazy. It will hurt like h***. I would like to f---- your virgin a******. I would lick it really good and get it nice and wet and play with it. With my fingers then I would put you on your knees and let you back up on it.

  • No means no, and if your partner makes you feel unsafe in bed then something is wrong. He may love you, but it sounds like he has a sadistic side and doesn't care that you don't share that fetish.

    Also? Getting f***** without lube would be a freaking nightmare. Serious red line, and a sign that your dynamic with him has crossed over into abuse. He's taking advantage of your emotional attachment to hurt you. Get out.

    I've gotten f***** by some frighteningly large c****, and had it be a wonderful, incredibly pleasurable experience. But it absolutely requires a crazy amount of lube, and for you to start out veeeery slowly and with you in control. It also requires that you be able to relax, which you won't be able to do if you're worried that he's about to gut you.

    I'm very lucky with the guy who f**** me regularly. Aside from his c*** being a perfect size, he's SO patient and gentle as I slowly work him in. He never rushes, and if I haven't used enough lube and get a quick shot of pain he has no problem with holding position until I relax and can start taking him deeper again. Part of the reason why he's so gentle and patient is just because he's a great guy, but also he knows that once he's all the way in it's ON, and he can f*** the living h*** out of me and we'll both love every second of it! But the slow start, the trust, and the copious lube are absolutely necessary.

    Your guy wants to hurt you. Don't let him. You can do better.

  • Did you ever tell him how you felt? Maybe he needs to know. This is coming from a straight man. I know when my wife says no, it’s no!!

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