Son's friend caught sniffing my panties.

My son asked if a friend from his school could spend the night a couple weekends ago. I said ok yes. He seemed like a nice young polite young man. When I say young I mean 12 years old. My son is 13 and will be 14 in a few weeks. I ordered pizza for them and they were sleeping in the family room. They were having a great time and making a good bit of noise. My husband was away on a business trip so it was just the three of us. I took my bath and went to bed early. Before I went to sleep I told them to keep the noise down and then I went to bed. The next morning I was making them pancakes, eggs, and sausage. I needed to go upstairs for a minute to grab my phone I left in my room. I walked into the room and I looked over and noticed my son's friend in my master bath. His back was to me. I saw what I thought was him blowing his nose. But then I realized it was a pair of my panties he had taken out of the hamper. He was smelling them and rubbing them all over his face. I backed out of the room slowly. I didn't want to embarrass him by yelling out or anything. I have read that you can really scare a young child by doing such a thing. Anyway he wasn't really causing any harm. Weird and gross yes. I later told my husband what happened. He said that I'm a sexy hot mom and should get use to our son's friends having fantasies about me. He was very polite and had good manners. I couldn't see the benefits of creating a big deal out of something that just isn't. I certainly didn't want to risk scarring him. At that age they are figuring things out and experimenting. My son said he wants him to stay again and I see no reason why I shouldn't say yes. This time though my husband will be around so I doubt he would do it again.


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  • Lucky boy, you should leave them out for him more often.

  • Wow what a treat for the young lad!,I remember my Panty Sniffing days.

  • Why don't you install a stripper pole and really make these young lads happy. Can I come and watch also? I bet you are so sexy and hot momma. Make me stand all nice and stiff. See what you did. Got me so excited I want to rummage through your dirty close hamper and sniff the crotch of your panties. H*** I'd lick them puppies. πŸ˜œπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘…

  • Nice I didn't know we had so many perverts out there and I'm seeeing how they start out. Sniffing my dirty underwear. Bad boys I am changing my mind about dealing with them. Think I need to turn them over my knee. My husband says that's exactly what they want from me. He's probably right.

  • Would you like to chat sometime? U sound really hot and you also seem kind of h**** when you wrote about this. I actually think that u get off knowing that the kid is handling your panties. It is intimate and you know that his mouth has been that close to where your v***** has been. Have you ever thought about the time you actually saw him first do that in you private moments?

  • When I was much younger I would play at my neighbors house and something made me look at his mom and so I would get near her and kiss her arm or hand. This went on for awhile, then one morning I was over and for no apparent reason decided to try and kiss her on her leg. Not sure why I did it but she just leaned over and sort of laughed. The next time I tried again to kiss her leg as she was standing at the sink but as I did I just naturally looked up between her legs expecting to see her panties but none were there and I was seeing the first p**** of my life. She has to know that I had looked but said nothing. This went on for probably a week or two and I then just would get down on my knees and look under her dress without kissing her legs. Again she had to know what I was doing. So each time I had the chance, I would look. Then one Saturday morning she was still in her nightgown and I made my normal move but this time she was leaning over looking into a dresser drawer, her legs were spread so I went under for a look and again saw that wonderful image and must have stayed too long because as I was looking at her p**** she was looking directly at me. I suddenly realized that she had her eyes on me so I took my eyes off that beautiful Vag. and looked at her knowing that I was in trouble but she just looked at me and said you better go back and play in Rich's room. I never looked again and nothing was ever said to me by her or her husband. Sometimes I wish I had talked to them later in life and asked the question why she let me look!

  • It seems he has moved on to sniffing a new young gals panties. She is 15 and moved in down the street in Feb. She caught him going through her dirty clothing in the main bathroom of their colonial 2 story home while he was their playing with her younger brother. Her parents were none to happy about this and he was told he's not welcome in their home now. I see this young boy moving on to bigger and better things with age. He's definitely a pervert and a young one. It's getting around the neighborhood and at his school where they have nicked named him , " dirty britches."

  • Any further updates Op?

  • I messaged my first girlfriend's mum and told her that I used to w*** into her clean undies when I lived with them nearly 30 yes ago.

    I swear this is true.

    I was 15 when my girlfriend showed me her mum's p*** mag collection, by 17 I'd moved in and was often alone on week days.
    I loved wanking in Linda's bed naked, reading her mags and playing with her vibrator.
    I used to wear her Knickers, id feel so h**** doing this. I'm not into wearing women's knickers but loved the filthyness of it all.

    25 yrs after being dumped and moving out I decided to tell Linda, now a 60yr old grandmother

    I started by saying how sorry I was for sneaking around her room and borrowing her p*** mags, and how id always felt so bad and wanted to apologize.

    She was fine about it, and said it never bothered her at all.

    So I confessed to more and more until I'd told her everything
    She said she knew I was going through her knickers and was flattered by the attention

  • Make the boy a man and have sexy with him.

  • As a handyman I was over clients house there alone noticed her panties in hamper. Couldn't resist urge to m********* while sniffing.them

  • So did you start out like my young admirer? I'm finding myself to be a bit turned on by the many remarks and offers. My husband is kind of boring in the bedroom. Maybe a handyman sniffing my panties would wake him up. But not a young boy.

  • So he slept over last night and while I was cooking pancakes for them he slipped up stairs and went into our master bath and he was sniffing all my articles of clothing. My bras he rubbed all over his face. He had the panties I wore last evening and he sniffed them, rubbed them all over his face and he used his tongue on the crotch area. I had no idea he was putting them in his mouth. He was still wearing pajamas from last night. Then he pulled down his pj's and he was touching himself while sniffing and licking my panties. I erased the tape. If my husband sees that he would loose his mind. I'm telling him that nothing happened. I see now that my son's friend has a crush on me. He's always smiling at me and staring. I didn't see this before but I do now. I don't want to cause him any harm. It's just a thing that will pass in time. But I seem to be the focus of his yearnings.

  • Me too at the age of 13 used to stay at my Aunty's house. She was a slim lady with good features and a crush on her. While she was cooking I would go upstairs into their bedroom and take out her used panties from the laundry bag and masturbates and c** on them.

  • Do you still do things like this? I hope my son's friend isn't doing that with my panties. Hope you have grown out of that.

  • If you handle this badly it might mess with the boy for a long time

  • I realize this. Maybe I should just let him sniff away to his hearts content. I think I'm going to just ignore it and not worry about it. After all I'm not the first woman who has a schoolboy with a crush.

  • Boys learn to appreciate being heterosexual by watching, smelling, l****** after sexual role models. You serve humanity by just being.

  • That's a good way to look at things.It would probably embarass the h*** out of him if he knew you knew.And you said he was a good kid he is probably like most teenage boys and super h**** all the time.

  • Yes I know how hard it can be. I have four brothers. But yes I'm just going to forget about it and not worry. He is a good kid. Those hormones can really drive you to do some crazy things. For us adults also. LOL

  • True.I am suprised since you had 4 brothers that you never caught them in your panties growing up though

  • My brothers were pretty normal but they never messed with my delicates. In fact they would have run the other way if a pair of my panties came close to them. LOL. I was the one who usually ended up with their shorts coming in contact with me. They thought it was funny.

  • Oh you wore there underwear?Or sniffed it?

  • I know you probably won't admit this? But do like the attention this boy is giving you?

  • I'm a grown woman and he's a young boy. So the answer is yes/and no. Anyone would be glad they are liked. But he's a young impressionable boy. So no I don't need nor am I encouraging his behavior. Unfortunately I think it's time that I find the right way to talk to him.

  • Just don't rock your marriage. Second,he can talk to his other friends and you will lose your reputation or he might involve you with them leading to filming the acts and blackmail.Overcome the temptation and kick him out.

  • I do know exactly the right approach, and no it's not sexual!
    How ever I believe not the attention you receive from him but from me, is something you like and I agree you shouldn't do anything with him! But the very least you and I should talk more?

  • What do we have to talk about? I'm confused on this? Don't know?

  • I think he must have taken a pair of my favorite panties as they are now missing. I wore them a couple days ago while I was outside doing some gardening. Then since I was all hot and sweaty I put them into the hamper. Now they are missing and the young man in question was over the day after that. I have looked all around in the laundry room but they are no where insight. I loved those panties.

  • Uh-oh ,a yard worked in pair and your favorite?! Oh my I'm sure they are gone..
    He was probably just innocently snooping for a pair, saw the yoga pants you were wearing during gardening on the bedroom floor kinda wadded up inside out.. Jackpot! There tangled up, still damp from sweat and the natural wetness of you were your favorite white, so flimsy, thin satin bikini panties! He had to react and couldn't think of leaving them behind. Lucky boy, feel flattered!

  • Where does the boy sleep when he sleeps over? And where is your hamper?
    You need to get the bottom of this, when is the boy coming over again?

  • He stays in my son's room and uses the bathroom in the upstairs main hallway. My hamper is the master bed bathroom. So he has to enter our bedroom to get at the hamper. I really hate to but going to have to lock the master bedroom door.

  • Did my plan work?

  • My husband has installed a hidden mini cam in our bathroom. Only thing is it also captures us going to the bathroom. But that can be edited out. My husband wants to catch the panty thief in action.

  • So when is the boy sleeping over?

  • This weekend he will be staying with us.

  • Will he be in your bed as I suggested?

  • There is another option, when he stays over and your husband is away, tell him he is to sleep in your room, as they are not getting enough sleep.

    Make sure that when you both get in to bed you put your knickers in the hamper, then pretend to be asleep if he goes in to get them then you will know

  • Let him look up your dress, or maybe wear yoga pants. Give him a thrill

  • Yes great πŸ‘ idea my Mother used to do that with me if no one was around.

  • Perfectly normal. Boys and men will m********* on hot woman. Let him enjoy.

  • I tried that once. My friends mother had some sort of UTI and her p*** smelled so bad it took like three days to get the scent out of my nostrils. I learned my lesson and never did that again.

  • Wow! I did this and my friends mother flipped out and I wasn't allowed back to their house. Luckily my mom didn't make a huge deal out of it. I'm normal today. I love to sniff my wife's panties though. They are so awesome.

  • Boys love moms panties xx

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