I love licking my wife's v*****

I love to lick my wife's sexy v*****. Especially after I fill her with my s****. I would love to watch her getting another man's p****. But she said no way. She lets me tell her about my fantasies about her with other men. I love licking her and could do it for a long time. My p**** is a bit on the below average size but she doesn't seem to mind. I told her I want her to make fun of my p**** but she won't. She will tell me to give her my little four and half inch c*** which really gets me so good and hard. I try to please her and I figure that licking her and using my tongue on her is the best way. I love how she rubs my bottom and tells me how sexy it is . She is an awesome wife and her p**** is so good. I guess I should be glad that she doesn't want other men. I should be glad of what we have and just enjoy that. I so love to go down on her though.

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  • Keep talking about your fantasies. With any luck at all she'll find someone to f*** and let you clean her.

  • She tells you that she only wants you. But I would bet that she in fact has f***** other men. Women are sneaky like that don't you know. Especially if you say you have a small p****. My wife was f****** another man with a larger c***. It hurt when I found out by sheer accident. So you will probably find out this is true of your wife also.

  • I thought I’d never admit this but letting my wife sneak off at midnight to suck and f*** our hot young neighbor between his parked cars has left me nothing but that to do. I knew he wanted my wife by the way he looked at her. I gave her the green light. She said the only way they could meet was for him to sneak out at night. First night was the hottest waiting for her to come back. She told me he f***** her doggie and unloaded inside of her. She immediately came inside and jumped into bed with me. I wanted to f*** her but she told me to go down on her. It was my first creampie and it took getting used to but many more have happened. To be honest she’s hooked on his thick Red Bull can c*** and I don’t blame her. All I get is handjobs now

  • I also like licking my s**** out of my wifes p**** but its a lot hotter licking out the s**** from another mans c*** and I've done this dozens of times. I've done it so much I became addicted to swallowing c*um and started to sucking the c**** of other men thru glory holes in Adult Book stores. I'm not gay or even bi but I love to swallow c*m and suck it out of a throbbing hard c***. My wife has even seen me do it and it turns her on too.

  • I have found that a lot of women will let you eat their p**** as long as you promise to not have s**. Half the time they give in and beg you to f*** them after you eat their p****.

  • Eat her p**** to o***** and then f*** her. You may also think of using p****-extender that will add couple of inches to your c***. Meanwhile, both of you may think of inviting a third person with well endowed tool!

  • I’m sure any opportunity to get f***** by someone other than you isn’t out of the question. Chances are you’re already eating someone’s nut deep inside of her.

  • My wife tells me she can't feel her inside me and that I'm the smallest c*** she has ever had. I'm about 6/6.5 inches and it takes a while to get into her because she is so tight and I know I'm the biggest she has had. I just love getting off on the tease of it all.

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