If a father sleep walks and he goes in his twelve year old daughters room and f**** her and c*** inside her p**** and gets her pregnant while he is sleepwalking can he be charged child molestation/rape and charged incest?


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  • I wouldn't make excuses. If your daughter is interested and curious to share sexual experiences with you, that's more normal than anyone wants to admit. She's at an age where she's wanting to know more about her body and has likely already been maturating, and probably fantasizing about you as her father in sexual situations with her. But rape or any forced and unwanted sexual behavior is not okay, ever.

  • I have once slept walked and f***** her. the next day she daddy fo you know what you did to me last night I said no. you can in my room and stuck ur penus in side me and came. then left. I said oh my God I was sleepwalking. I said om shalea sweetie did you enjoy it. she said actually yes I did. I said I you want I will come in ur room every night and wake you up so we can have s**. I could use the excuse of sleep walking because you can not wake up some one who is sleep walking because they will be startled and may react insanely. she said yes I would love that. so the very first time did I actually rape my stepdaughter. from the first time i f***** her i got her pregnant. I actually was sleepwalking and didn't know I did that until my daughter told me the next day. was that rape and incest impregnation.

  • I would have f***** her long before she was old enough to get preggers, my step was 8 best f*** I ever had

  • Should have f***** before 12 anyhow

  • Would you be upset if your daughter sleep walks into your bedroom one night and cuts your f****** d*** off?

  • You evidently want to f*** your daughter try talking to her and see if she is willing you might be in for a memorable life with her

  • I think he should wait until his daughter is a bit older before beginning anything sexual with her.

  • Most do but won't admit it

  • Yes, is the simple answer, unless you can prove you sleepwalk.

  • It is in my medical history that i sleepwalk

  • You will get f***** a million times harder than she would. You're a sick f*** and will die in prison from a*** ruptures. Which you deserve.

  • How come. I sleep walk. I have some kind of medical condition that makes me sleep walk

  • How if I am known to sleep walk. I have some kind of medical condition that makes me sleep walk

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