I had s** with my best friends retarded sister

I was like super h**** and was in the right place at the wrong time. My best friend's sister is mentally retarded. She has a great body though. Her breast are large and feel so good in my mouth and hand. Plus her legs and bottom are very nice also. He asked me if I wouldn't mind watching her while he went out to a job interview. I said sure go ahead. Then as I sat watching television with her I found myself l****** for her with my eyes. She had gotten tired and snuggled up next to me. My hands started to feel her breast and I kissed her. She liked me kissing her and didn't want me to stop. So right there on the sofa we made out and I removed her top. I sucked on her soft pale large breast. I was so turned on. I took my pants off and then I removed her pants. I was afraid to try her you know what so I put my p**** into her r*****. She loved it and now I want more. It feel so good. I hate to say it but I feel like I want to be with her even though she is retarded. I want to make love to her and show her how great it can be. Now she keeps asking her brother when is Dougie coming over. He asked me what I did that his sister keeps asking about me and when I'm coming over again. I really do have feelings for her. It just happened. Oh boy! I can't stop thinking about her. My friend will kill me if he finds out what I did to his poor sister.


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  • I have f***** a retarted chic also. It was some awesome s**. They are so willing to do whatever you want. But I wouldn't tell the friend. It might put and end to the p****.

  • You should confess to your friend what has happened between you and his sister. And also convince him that she does have her physical needs to meet and meeting her sexual needs might help her mental condition.

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