I've been having intercourse with our dog

I was watching television one evening and looking at our family pet. He is a beautiful Husky with blue eyes. He's not fixed cause my husband and I thought we might breed him. My husband was out of town on a business trip. I looked over and noticed he was fully erect and I don't know what came over me but I licked him until he e*********. He really seemed to like it. A couple hours later I got naked and I let him mount me from behind like he would one of his own kind. His very red K9 p**** found it's way into my v***** with a little help of me guiding him. It took a bit of work but I got him off a second time. I'm so turned on servicing our pooch. He likes it more I think. Who needs a hubby when you have a gorgeous Husky to take care of all your needs. I love having his doggy d*** inside of me. I highly recommend that you give it a try to all you dog owners. It's really great. At least try getting your dog off using your hand or mouth.



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  • And my bolthole !!! F***.

  • OMG, i just ket him get me f****** lock down, but it f****** hurt.

  • Old news I stopped f****** dogs and graduated to horses. I needed more in my nasty smelly c*** than a little doggie d***. Now Mr. Ed is plowing my holes while poor ole Wilber has to watch. I wonder what Mr. Post would thinks about that?

  • I'm a straight guy but I really love to give my dog BJ's and taste and swallow his sperm. My wife has no idea that I do this

  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest and not one of these ppl lying plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • I heard of men doing this too. I didn’t realize how many women have done this.

  • I didn't know men also participated but I guess doggy p**** can be awesome too. I love sucking on his yummy husky pink p****. He is the best. I love him so much. Don't care for a man's c*** any longer.

  • Dirty, perverted and illegal in most countries i think, but for some reason i was a little bit excited after reading your confession. I do like blue eyes after all.

  • Any girls in the UK into this Snapchat ddlgdaddy31

  • While our hen was laying the egg and hearing coking sound as no one was at home I went the the backyard shed and caught hold of her and put my c*** inside her s*** hole and f***** her. It was too hot inside and that thrilled me. It was smooth also as just she had laid the egg and I came inside her s*** hole. While letting her go, she just walked forward and just s****** my c** and walked away.

  • What a w****. You cheated on your man with a f****** dog? You b**** in heat.... literally. Nasty m***********. Die! DIEEEEEE!!!!

  • When I was 14 years of age our Cat sweety used to sleep on my Cot and while I masturbates he licks and licks and make me c**. I hold my c** within the foreskin and let it come out little by little and our sweety wipes it clean and he used to drink the whole lot of c** and the after c**. He likes to wipe the head of my p**** clean. This I continued for the next day also and enjoyed the fun. But the third day as I saw the pale skin of the forehead seems to wearing off my p**** head, I had to sadly stop the game.

  • Love your post! You sound like my wife!

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate that a lot.

  • My wife also f***** our dog. I usually got sucked off while she did it, or I would f*** her while watching her blow the dog. She also, almost every weekend sucked our horse, unless she was being passed around at a party.

  • I have been thinking about trying horse c***. Don't get me wrong I love my k9 friend. But horse c*** is like so big and I have been watching video of gals going down on them and taking them in their vaginas. It's very intriguing to me. We have 8 acres so we could support a couple horses. It would be a big expenditure but one we could take on. I do like horses. Right now I just need to figure a way I could try one out. Then I would know better whether or not to take this on.

  • You will probably think this is gross, and you will probably be right, but let me just say this....... if I knew you (and especially if I were married to you), I would totally take his sloppy seconds.

  • I bet you would take them. Unfortunately my hubby is well a cold person. He doesn't have much interest in me. I wish he did. It's not like I'm homely or anything either. I've had several men who have shown interest in me. The thing is men talk just like women do. We live in a small community and I don't need that. Kodi will keep his mouth shut. LOL. He knows how to keep a secret. If you know what I mean.

  • Not gross! I have done it many times, and it feels much better than f****** her after several men have flooded her f*** tunnel!

  • Hey OP! I'm coming over to your house and I'm going to f*** your dog in his ass. Then after I make him lick it clean I'm going deep in all your holes. Time I'm done his little pooch c*** won't fit any of your holes. At least for a couple days anyway. But by then you'll be howling at my door for me to give you a bone!

  • I bet his p**** is bigger than yours. You'll have to prove to me it's bigger. Besides he will probably have you on the ground before you can get close to me. He's that protective. Sure you want to feel his K9's deep in your neck and throat?

  • I'm calling the SPCA and Pita on you whoever you are. Probably some bored a****** just saying this stupid s*** to get people all worked up. Like me. Yeah so I do it also. I'm the 13 year old who wants smaller panties. LOL

  • Don't get it messed up Pamela Anderson loves to have s** with dogs

  • ASPCA* Peta*, you illiterate child. Stay in school and dont make us fill your p**** up.

  • PETA People Eating Tasty Animals

  • I think it's the Husky on line telling us this s*** to see how we feel about it. Then he will tell all his doggy buddies to hump the woman of the house. That's what I think.

  • Well hello! My name is Kodi. I will come over and hump the s*** out of your ole lady while your at work. She will love my k9 pecker buried deep inside her hot wet womb. You better take care you just might be getting my sloppy seconds. Hey maybe you should get your wife a bull mastiff as a companion. Food for thought. I'm really wishing I could be in p***. I think I could be like the next Ron Jeremy .

  • I busted a nut reading this. You made me laugh so hard. You're probably right. How do we know this person even has a dog let alone a husky. Well how do we?

  • Like zonks s***** you got the nice lady pregnant. L****! Really! What a bunch of dummies LOL.

  • I can't say Sc ooby really these mods are FU C KIN G STUPID!!!!!!!!!

  • So, what are you going to do if he gets you pregnant?

  • Really you think a dog can get a woman pregnant? Wow!

  • You made me so hard reading your post tell us more

  • I have been thinking of making a video and posting it on a dog/women having s** site. Kodi was so h**** Friday evening. He was pacing about the bedroom. I could see he was fully erect. I figured poor guy must be in pain. So I got on the floor with him and I got under him. I began by stroking his lovely red and pink p****. His b**** were so big and hard. I sucked on his c*** for a bit. Then I removed my night shirt and panties. He was on top of me and he was searching for my v*****. He licked it and it felt so good. Then I helped him find it. His rock hard K9 pecker was sliding back and forth in my c*******. He found my opening and was going to town humping me but it would slip out. Sure wasn't because of the size though. It's just a bit awkward with him on top of me with me laying on the floor. So I rolled over and he entered me that way. I was so f****** awesome. He had me howling along with him. I love him so much and I don't plan on stopping. I dare anyone to tell me what is wrong with what I'm doing? They can only say stuff that is old and out dated by the way. He ended up coming all over my ass and p****. I can have him anytime I like. Plus he enjoys our relationship also. He is very protective of me. Doesn't like men coming around me. The worst part of it is he has urinated around the bedroom marking his territory. But he stopped it now. I guess he thinks he marked well enough. By the door and my side of the bed. I let him sleep right next to me now.

  • You are disgusting as h*** proving no diff between human and animal in present era and bye the way its all fake...just fuckurself some where else

  • Don't knock what you can't understand. Plenty of women are enjoying s** other than with another person. Like with horses. Men have been having s** with animals since the beginning of time. I happen to love having intercourse with the family pet. I really don't give a S H I T what you think. Your mind is limited capacity to comprehend.

  • Said the OP itself....filthy bitchh

  • Your names don't hurt me you know. They show what a small person you really are.

  • You f***** with a dog so u r a bitchh hon

  • I'm an older lady now and no longer active with man or beast, but there was a time when I was SUPER active with both. At one point, I was dating a friend of my husband's and his dog, and the man always called me by the name used for you here, "filthy b****", not because he looked down on me (he adored me and my depravities), but because he considered me a supreme goddess and he was sensitive enough to recognize that the name was a trigger to me. He always knew when he called me that it would make me cream, and he would always know that he and his other pet (I was his primary pet) were always about to get the best p**** either of them had ever had. One year for Christmas, he bought me a choker necklace with the words "FILTHY B****" encrusted in CZ on the band (which I only wore in private, and only with the two of them). So, when people call you "filthy b****", dear, be proud. And be wet.

  • You sound very much like my ex-wife .. She enjoyed it too, and when I met her at a funeral recently she admitted (after a drink or two at the wake) that not only had she enjoyed the licking games we played with Kim years ago, but had gone on to make it a lifetime habit with dogs of her own too, for about 20 years after we split up and into her late fifties.... Her second husband was apparently not 'turned' on by the thought of it so he did not know she had climaxed more with her pets over the years than she had with him..

  • You are one seriously hot piece. And you are also an inspiration.

  • Thank you honey. I'm glad I inspired you. Mission accomplished.

  • I'm dog sitting soon for my big sis think her dog will have some fun cant wait to suck on his c*** and taste his never ending c**.


  • I'm glad people are responding positive and not negatively. Not that it would sway me. I made love to our beautiful Husky again. My husband travels a lot for work so I'm often alone. Kodiak is a wonderful companion. We call him Kodi . He is so gorgeous. Black, silver, cream, white are the colors of his coat. When I look into his beautiful blue eyes they just melt my heart. The s** is getting better each time I'm with him. Feeling his sexy clean fur against my skin is the best. I love him so much. Our bond is growing stronger with each and everyday that we are together. I take him just about everywhere with me. I wash and care for him myself. I would not trust anyone else to do that. If my husband and I divorced the only thing I want is Kodi. He could have everything else.

  • I have a lab, 3rd one in my 10+ yrs of K9 s**. I find the relationship selfless, enjoyable with assured o******. I am happy with him since my hubby dies long ago.

  • Hi, I love letting my dog go down on me but that's as far as I will go.

  • You need to do more for him. It's just a doggie p****. Try putting him in your mouth. Nothing to gain if you don't give it a try. Trust me you will love it.

  • You're not alone. I got into it through a few bdsm friends. One day they had me doing puppy play, crawling around like a dog and panting with my tongue out. The owner of the house began examining my body like he was a vet examining a dog. After a thorough examination he told me I was good for breeding. I thought he meant with one of them, but he let the dog in from outside. I was confused but I'm kinky enough to try anything once. It felt so dirty getting f***** by a dog!

  • Your attitude is wonderful, and you are so very, very brave. I've never thought about doing what you did, it just didn't occur to me, as a wife and mother. But when I read your post, I found myself aroused, quite surprisingly. And then, when I read it for a second and third time, I focused more on the public/group nature of your act and I found myself actually wet. After the fifth reading, I had a lengthy (and volcanic) o*****. All of this, thanks to you. My focus that final time was your use of the wonderful phrase "good for breeding", and then, your indication that you loved the fact that you "felt so dirty". You have a wonderful way with words, dear, and a wonderful way with animals, and you have an even more wonderful way of thrilling your audiences, in life and in print. Thank you. I find you utterly delicious.

  • Hahaha I love you

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