S** with little men

I love having s** with men who are small in size. I mean men with tiny p****'s. I have had s** with a few men who were over 7 inches but I actually prefer one's who are under 6 inches. The smallest man I had s** with was only 3 inches. I loved the look on his face when I got on top of him. He was so pleased by my riding him. It didn't take him long at all to e******** maybe 5 minutes or so. I guess I just not that all into bigger men. The smaller ones feel better to me. I really like the little curved ones about 5 inches or so. I love black men with small p****'s too. Believe me there are plenty of them who aren't very big. Yes curved ones about 4-5 inches are the best to me. Just me I guess. They also are so easy to go down on and take in the butt also. Just as long as they can give me a huge load of s**** I'm good with the size being smaller.

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  • I got your curve baby. Now bend over and grab your ankles. When my 7.75 inches of curved hot rod pokes your wet spot you will never want a small man ever again. You will be begging me for my huge throbbing bent meat plowing deep inside of you my confused one. Yeah and if you think I'm kidding think again. Give me a chance to prove you so very wrong. Trust me. One time is all it will take. Guaranteed!

  • I'm 6'5 and pretty heavily built but I have only 4 inches at best between my legs. It's put a lot of women off before they've given me a chance to use my techniques. My ex came 99% of the during s**, that curve worked beautifully to touch her g-spot.

  • My wife mentioned to me about one guy she met at work right before we got serious. I actually knew him (Jon) not a very big guy but GQ type that she loves. She mentioned his c*** was right around 4.5 5 inches but he was very aggressive and f***** her hard and long and she really liked having one nighters with him.
    She’s also admitted to meeting guys or one nighters with big c**** and sucking them off then when time came for them to show her a good deep long f****** them would come quickly. She told it wasn’t worth the size if you couldn’t use it at all.

  • If his techniques to f*** are better, then size does not count much!!

  • Bull s*** pecker brain. You wish this was the case. My c*** would make your girl come to me begging me for a chance at deep meaningful pleasure you could never give her. Let her decide if you believe this BS your selling is true. Do you have the B****? Well do you. I bet not. I'm talking about letting her try my manly size package out then you get your chance. I would put money on it she will like me better. Get real you loser.

  • Amen sweety! You are right on. Some men have that wonderful technic that make your toes curl. I love a man with a nice 4.5 -5.5 inch wand that knows how to use it. I do like fat ones though. Give me girth over length anytime.

  • Considering the average size erect is 4.5 inches, I would say you pretty much get what you want with every guy.

  • I love them when they are this size. They fit me so well. Oh I didn't mean to knock men who are larger. I did enjoy one who was just a bit over 7 inches. But I prefer the littler ones.

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