K9 s**

Thanks to some other people who have talked about this topic I have decided to come clean. The other posters were women. I'm a man. I have been letting my little doggie lick my p**** and then I have done the same to him. I have also let him mount me any stick his little doggie p**** in my butt. It felt so good. He shot off in both my mouth and my r*****. But feeling his tiny little K9 pecker going to town inside of me is the best. It really kind of tickles and I laugh so loudly that my neighbors bang on the wall. I like the women who have posted before me find that intercourse with a dog so absolutely wonderful. I don't really care if I ever get another human boyfriend again. The doggie is absolutely loyal and he is always glad when I get home. I get naked and we lay on the bed and he licks me while we watch TV. More people should try it. I have even gotten him a red vest that reads support animal and I take him everywhere with me. He is my best friend. I am thinking about seeing If I can't marry him.



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  • Any girls who honestly plays with their dogs add me on snap. Andyc2104. Girls only add me. I'm a boy.

  • U have a boy dog

  • Hello nice post. To the OP. I'm the woman who has s** with her family pet. The beautiful Husky with gorgeous blue eyes. I'm glad that you posted and shared with others your feelings. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. Enjoy the special relationship you are having with your friend. Peace my friend and God speed.

  • I let my dog give me oral s** but I wouldn't do anything else.

  • How old are you? If you are not mature enough don't go for intercourse with him, better put off for later time. Enjoy his licking you to o****** and get him prepared to mount you for quite sometime.

  • Well I'm in my 50's so it fine for him to have intercourse with me. We have a wonderful relationship. I take him everywhere with me. I love Dobby more than I can say. It's me and Dobby against the world. We please each other.

  • I am in my mid-40s and into it for more than 10 yrs now. Mine is trained lab to f***. He can now sense when I am h**** by just smelling me and nuzzle his nose between my thighs. I love most his strong thrusting as if stabbing my uterus as the knot swells in my c*** and he shoots hot c** deep into me as I reach waves of o******. As I slump down and turn around he will lick clean my p**** - another o***** at the end.

  • Wow very sexy and hot. Wish my wife would f*** our dog. He is a Great Dane and has a large p****. Bigger than mine even. I asked her if she wanted to maybe lick him to which she called me a sick f***. Anyhow I wish my wife was like you. I would love to watch her with him.

  • Leave her alone with the Dane for sometime for a few weeks. See whether your wife gets interest in him. I think she will get interested.

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