Straight but in love with friend's ass.

Last winter on a snowy Friday night a friend showed up at my apartment, in sweatpants and a t-shirt. I went to the kitchen to get us a beer.

I came back into the living room and he had Stripped off your sweats, but left on the tshirt. He was bent over the arm of the sofa. I was a 100 % focused on your ass. He looked over his shoulder at me and and said, I can't fight any more, I love you. I need your c*** in me 24/7. F*** me.

I was in shock, but my c*** became hard. I'm not huge but at 9 inches a lot of women say it hurt during s**. He know how big I am. He looked at the coffee table, and said I brought lube, so f*** me.

Couldn't stop myself, I lubed his ass and and my c*** andcfucked him after 15 minutes i came in his ass, he was moaning the whole time saying deeper deeper and can half way through the s**.

It was the best sexof my life.

We collapse on the sofa, with me still in him. For about 20 minutes we layed on the sofa together, then he took off his tshirt wiped my c*** and then began sucking my c***. I was hard in seconds. He climb on top of me and rode my c*** until i came. Again halfway through he came also, his c** shooting on my chest.

He gave so much s** that weekend, I wanted it all the time. I never was so turned on, we had s** 15 times until he left on Sunday night. I came in him so much we didn't need any lube.

After he left I got hard think about him. His ass turned me on so much, I drove over to his place an 2 hours later I f***** him twice more.

It 6 months now and I'm hooked on f****** him. Actually, I'm obsessed with his ass. I want to f*** him all the time, he moved in with me and I told him to quit his job so he can always be home for s**. He only wears tshirts so I always see his ass.

I f*** him before work, at lunch I go home for a quickie and many times at night. He is a complete a*** s***.

I've slept with alot of women in my life. But no women p**** has ever felt as fantastic as his ass.

It feels like his ass was made just for my c***.

He made me fall in love with him and his ass.


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  • Your story made me h****.

  • Nothing feels better than a tight ass man or woman

  • I love f****** a women ass. I never f***** a man but if he had a nice bubble butt I would love to lay him on his stomach and spread his ass and lick it then f*** it.

  • I have to say, a man's a****** feels MUCH better than any p****. I am married to a woman, but am very bisexual. She knows, and loves that I am. She encourages me to seek out Male playmates.

  • U could f*** my ass while your wife watches

  • He must have a really nice bubble butt. I never did it with a man but if his butt was as nice as a women I wanna take his butt

  • U can have my ass

  • I have a friend who was my first boyfriend and a top. He seduced me and I loved it. After school we'd go to his house to fool around. I'd never thought about topping someone until I developed a crush on his little brother. He was so smoothly cute and had an @ss like mine, one that begs for a c*ck.
    I just had to.... he was flirting with me like I did with his brother.

  • I love to f---- ass. Never did it with a man but would if he had a nice ass.

  • I agree never did but I would

  • I have a nice ass. I would love to try it in my ass. If interested let me know we could sext

  • I would love U to work my ass and I’ll take all of it and when Ur through I’ll suck Ur d*** so hard and take all of it. It’s make me wet thinking about Ur d***πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’•

  • I love love to eat your ass then press my c*** against your a****** and slide it up your ass. Really deep and pounding your ass.

  • Nothing wrong with dreaming.. so want up darling

  • Do you have a nice ass?

  • I'm not the OP but I have a really nice @ss and date girls and sleep with boys. It was a friend in middle school who said that he wanted to f*ck me. We were curious about gay stuff and we checked out some gay websites. We'd already tried su*king and it was cool so I said okay.

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