The Little Mermaid cast

What does everyone think to the new Little Mermaid cast? Ariel, a pale skinned redhead, us now being played by a black woman. (she does have a beautiful voice but Ariel is not black). And Ursula is being played by Melissa McCarthy, who is not black. But is Ursula black? Is it okay to change the races of characters? Should we never change them? Is it a bigger deal then people are making out to be or is it not?
I personally think for the sake of keeping Ariel, Ariel, that she should be white and a redhead. Because that's who Ariel is. You wouldn't change Aladdin to a blonde white man would you?

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  • It's September 2019 right now. They're talking a Princess Bride reboot, because Hollywood is completely incapable of thinking about anything but easy money.

    I'm calling it now: one of the cast WILL be quietly replaced by a black autistic non-binary lesbian. Probably Westley. Everyone else is either a bad guy or a little misshapen or their character isn't seen as white (Inigio the Spaniard), so of course those roles aren't in any danger of being used for virtue signaling.

  • Normally I wouldn't care who was cast for a part, but after last Halloween when s*** loads of black people got p***** because white people dressed up as black panther, well let's just say f*** you n******, and no Ariel should be f****** white. See how you racist black a******* have made me racist now. F****** n******.

  • As much as I hate the n-word, I'm headed there myself. SO SICK of all this frantic race-related posturing, which is not helping us evolve as a society in any way.

  • The original Little Mermaid cartoon version was hot. Ariel is HOT

  • Umm seriously? She's a FISH. She has no race. WTF is wrong with you ppl?

  • If she has no race, why are the Hollywood virtue signalers so desperate to make her black?

  • She's actually half human, so she kinda does

  • Let's reboot "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and cast a white actress to play Stella. See how well that goes over.

  • Are you an idiot? The little mermaid is a classic story that precedes the Disney version. Do you think Disney’s pearl harbour was an accurate version of history? Probably you f****** redneck.

  • Are YOU an idiot? The original version was Danish. Guess what color most Danes are? And what in the f*** does Pearl Harbor (learn how to capitalize) have to do with this topic? You SJWtards really need to listen to yourselves talk. And no, before you throw names before running back to your safe space, I'm nowhere near a redneck. Just someone who actually thinks once in a while. Try it sometime!

  • Listen I think it's marvelous. We needed a change from the same ole same ole. Think of the possibilities? Like we could have a white person play Michael Jackson. Why not he lightened his skin and wanted to be white anyway. I think anyone should be afforded the opportunity to play anyone. I mean that truly. It would be a great step for humanity to get past all this BuLL Sh it! I don't care what color you are people need to stop being stupid about it. That goes for everyone or you'll be put on a time out and have to sit while the rest of us have fun.

  • >>I don't care what color you are people need to stop being stupid about it

    This goes for both racists (of ALL colors) and SJWs.

  • Just to please society

  • I'm all for all ethnicities & etc. being represented in popular culture, but as with all good social ideas, this one is being mishandled in the worst way. It is the height of hypocrisy to change a character's skin color just to appear to be woke. How is that any different from racism? The message is the same-- that skin color has to be a major factor.

    The 70s had it right, much more so than these frantically virtue signalling morons today. Look at old shows like "Barney Miller"-- all different ethnic backgrounds doing their jobs together. Self-consciously screaming "Look at us! We've got a BLACK person among us now, ain't we just the greatest?" is a step backwards from that. But the self-righteous refuse to see their own bias and think they invented progressiveness. That happens when you're self-centered and can't be bothered to look at anything that came before (unless you can scream "racist" or "creepy" about it, anyway).

  • I find it telling that you assume that they made a deliberate choice to cast a black woman, rather than casting someone who's great for the role who happens to be black.
    I haven't seen Disney make a fuss out of the fact that the new actress is black at all. The attention the casting choice is getting is being entirely driven by closet racist snowflakes howling about it on social media.
    Get over yourselves. The fact that these losers are getting wrapped around the axel over the skin color of a fictional half-fish is pathetic.

  • LOL! Do you honestly believe what you typed? Do you think conglomerates like Disney don't deliberately stir the pot, then step back and stay silent while everyone else fights among themselves? Did junior high social dynamics just sail right over that precious little head of yours?

  • I completely agree.

  • Its all about sjw trying to prove how "woke" they are. That and the fact Hollywood is out of ideas so the only thing they have is remakes of movies and the only way to create a buzz is changing the race of main characters .

  • If white people get cast to play a black character, people get outraged. Ariel was a white skinned redhead. The concept of making a live action version is stupid anyway, but changing the look of the characters on classics is always wrong. Why not instead make a *new* story with a powerful black character and make that into a movie?

  • Whoa, don't go trying to bring common sense into this!

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