When I was a teen I tried to f*** my mom

When I was 15 i walked in my mom's room and I was h**** lived in the country. I pulled her t*** out and sucked on one she said no this is wrong. So I put my hand down her pants and put my fingers in her she pulled away. I said please let me I need it. She said no so after some convincing she laid me down and jacked me till I came. This went on for a while then stopped. I feel bad and wrong but why was I so turned on? I would love to hear from anyone who had a similar experience with a family member. Thanks 100 percent real it's bothered me for years.

Jul 7, 2019

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  • I talked to her about it recently and she told me not to feel bad because she was equally guilty. such a relief! I even told her about how I had gay s** with my friend I grew up with it feels good to let my demons out.

  • There's nothing to feel guilty about. You're not the first and you certainly won't be the last. It happens all the time.

  • I appreciate all the feedback wish I could say it didn't happen but it did glad to know I'm not alone

  • Why do you wish it didn't happen? You haven't done anything wrong. Like your mother said it's natural. I posted earlier and told you I had a sexual relationship with my mother including intercourse and I have no regrets.

  • I think everyone forgets God never put any h***-, bi-,right or wrong to apply to "love one another." Humans labeled what was right and wrong, trying to one up God.

  • Many teen boys have desires to f*** their moms. It is a part of normal sexual development. You are lucky if you were able to act on your feelings. It's only too bad that you could not developed a frequent f*** party with your Mom. It's such a nice way for a teen boy to get off. Do not feel bad about having perfectly normal desires and feelings. Enjoy the memory.

  • Update I finally talked to her about it after all these years and she told me it's ok and it's natural and not to feel bad because she did it willingly it's like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders thanks for all yalls help . It doesn't bother either of us now in the least

  • I'm so glad you spoke to your mom about it and hopefully it will clear any doubt about what happened. She is right, it is natural. You have a great mom and I hope you and your mom enjoy this wonderful connection you have with each other.

  • It normal. My mom always let me sleep with her. I was just 14 so and was not mad when I was h**** and want to touch and kiss her. I wanted intercourse but has never let.

    But she knew I would keep trying with her. Mom let me suck her b*** and She did the same to me jerking me off. When I was 16 she let me go down on her.

    On my 18th birthday she said you are a man now and we went 69 for the first time.

    I'm 50 now and married with 4 kids and love my wife. Mom is 84 now and we still 69 at least 4 times a week. I still want to make love to her.

  • Love the feedback

  • How old are you now? Many kids of your age has mom-s** fixation when she is about middle age. And many moms at this age looks for hard young c**** to f***. Once they are past menopause, they love to abandon any inhibition to f*** young guys and even her young son, if attracted. You already made way to her b**** and p**** by your hands. Now talk to her about those days and tell her that you are still attracted to her and want to share her bed. Hopefully, she will agree to it. Once in the bed, she is all yours! You will love her fat wet p**** as much as she yours hard throbbing c*** into her....

  • I wanted her bad when I was a teen and struggled to reason why I had her j*** me off so many times it felt good but so wrong thank you for your feedback

  • It's perfectly natural to have these sexual feelings at a young age. If mom not willing to have s** with you then you have to accept it. But she it seems willing to m********* you, so would carry on with that and it may eventually progress to oral s** or full s**. Tell your mom that you really appreciate what she done for you and you love her. You shouldn't feel bad about any of this.

  • Continued from above: most sons experience some form of sexual contact with their mothers and this is an unspoken truth and at the very least have thought about it. I had a sexual relationship with my mother which included intercourse. So don't worry it is normal.

  • Thank you very much it's been weighing on me

  • You're very welcome.

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