Wife wants sexy with another man

My wife and I have been married for just about 15 years now. We like s** and enjoy movies and toys and roll playing. My wife recently asked me if I wanted to experience another woman. I told her that I was most satisfied with her and that while I have seen women I had fantasized about I didn't really want to do that. Then she told me that she has been wondering about maybe trying s** with inviting another person to join us. I was shocked to hear that she is actually thinking about trying it. So I asked her who she had in mind. That's when I learned she wanted to have another man join us.

Yeah another man. I was shocked but also turned on a bit by her revelation. I asked her if she wasn't satisfied with me or my performance in the bedroom. She said that she felt like she needs to find out how it would be to make love to two men at the same time. I asked her if she has someone in mind and she said yes. It's a man that she knows from her health club. She said she has been talking with him and they even went out to lunch one time. I'm just afraid that she will develop real feelings of love for this man and that be the end of our marriage. While it does turn me on to think about I'm scared that I won't be able to handle it after we do it.

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  • I watched my wife f****** this guy Saturday evening and I was so turned on seeing her getting his fat long c***. When she cried out when he filled her p**** full of his seed I shot my load all over my fingers. It was awesome. I can hardly wait till next time. I have to say his s**** tasted pretty yummy.

  • Yes, that is the risk you take when you agree and let your wife have s** with another man. She clearly wants to be with the guy she had lunch with, I suspect she has had this on her mind for some time and waited for the right time to tell you. It looks like she has a plan and is slowly pulling into her trap. You should tell how you feel , tell her her you are worried you might lose her to this guy. Let us know what happens.

  • All you can do at this point is hold on and enjoy the ride. I hope you can keep it together and please let us know what is going on. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat and I'm turned on. Keep posting please. Thank you.

  • Dude she is not asking u she is telling you she is h**** for him...let her proceed

  • I told my wife when we got married that if she ever wanted to have s** with another man, all she needed to do was ask and we would work out something, but if she cheated and I found out I would divorce her. In 32 years of marriage she has only ever asked me once when we had only been married about 7 years. She came to me and said she wanted to have s** with one of her coworkers. I told her she had an hour of time after work to do what she wanted with the guy. The next day she arrived home an hour later than normal. I asked how it was and she said horrible. That was the only thing ever said about it. She has never asked me again.

  • She may not be approaching this in the best manner, but the fact that she's willing to openly share with you what she's thinking and going out of her way to try to include you speaks well of her. Take some solace in that.

    My wife is shared, and I know other men who share their wives. Communicating constantly, keeping each other updated on your thoughts and feelings as well as actions, and being considerate and supportive of each others' feelings is key. Not keeping any secrets whatsoever is absolutely critical!! You and your wife need to be on the same team, and never approach this from an adversarial position. You love each other and want to make each other happy and fulfilled. That goes both ways.

    It's also a good idea to establish boundaries and expectations beforehand, and to be willing to discuss changing those boundaries as things progress. Any of you should be free to initiate that conversation, including her new friend. He's a person too, and deserves a voice in decisions that will impact him.

    It isn't for everyone. Even with the best of intentions, I've seen marriages end after they started exploring this. But I've also seen it turn out wonderfully for everyone involved. I had a real hard time at first. There were tears a couple of times, and a lot of reassurance from her. There was even one point where I was afraid we were going to break up. We took it very slowly, and at first even seeing my wife kiss another man was upsetting to me, and on another occasion watching her take off her shirt and bra and let another man see her bare b****** caused a lot of anxiety.

  • Thanks for sharing. It's a lot to take in. I hope it will be ok. I truly love my wife so much. I want her to be full filled and satisfied sexually. I have to let her experience what she desires. I have never tried to act stupid. Like tell her what she can do and who she can see. She doesn't do that to me either. I feel so jealous at the moment. This man is very good looking man. I can see why she is drawn to him. She is very excited. We are going to dinner and then dancing afterwards at a local club. Then we are going to his place afterwards and proceed from there. I hope I can keep it together when the moment comes that they are together physically. Part of me gets really excited and part of me is feeling ill.

  • -continued-
    But it was also INTENSELY arousing! I can't overstate that. With each new step I'd have a knot in my stomach but my c*** would be rock hard. That turned out to be the key to adjusting for me. I focused on how indescribably erotic it was watching my naked wife respond to another man's touch, seeing the look on her face, hearing her gasp. My own arousal was like armor for me. As long as I didn't c**, my l*** overpowered my insecurities and I loved every second of it.

    If you're able to push through the initial terrifying anxiety, here's some good news: As long as she continues to be reassuring and sensitive to your needs, the more you watch your wife with another man the more the anxiety will fade, but the eroticism of the experience doesn't fade a bit! I firmly believe that a man will never fully appreciate how beautiful and sexy his wife is until he sees how her body moves and responds when she's with another man. It's magic. And participating, turning your wife's pleasure into a team sport, is the best thing in the world. And now we're both so comfortable with it that I don't have any problem with her f****** someone else without me there. My only stipulation is that I hear all about it afterward, and that invariably leads to she and I f****** each others' brains out.

    I was so hesitant when my wife and I started exploring, and now I wish we'd taken the plunge years earlier. I'm actually more gung ho about it than she is. She only plays with people she's known for a long time, but if it were up to me I'd be watching a different man use, enjoy, and pleasure her every night!

    I wish you the best of luck. It may not seem like it now, but this could be the start of the most exciting adventure of your lives.

  • It seems that your wife has already made up her mind to have s** with this man. You may just join in. Try to develop a 3-some relationship and see what happens. If you cannot accommodate with the arrangement, opt out and opt out of her too!

  • I met him yesterday. I'm so jealous now. He is like tall and so fit. But not overly muscular. Just tight everywhere. I can see why see's attracted to him. I'm so jealous it's killing me. I felt my d*** getting hard when we first met and spoke. Especially the way she lit up when she saw him. She was like so alive and vibrant. My heart was racing and pounding. So we talked and he said that he is ok with me being there and willing to explore with us. She touched my hand and asked if we couldn't please do this together. I said yes but I can't help but feel it's a mistake. This man is everything I'm not and that scared the s*** out of me.

  • I have to agree with the reader. I think she may have already made her decision with or without you. I’ve noticed more and more husbands and wives are having affairs at their jobs to spice things up.
    Have you noticed anything different about her? Has she been working out more? Has her clothes style changed?
    Does she cling to her phone? I think you’re right when you stated she might become attached to him. Of course she will and she wants you to blame when she leaves. Watch her closely my friend

  • Your wife is already f****** Him Im afraid, Im mean the already went out to lunch together. She sounds like a wonderful wife who is trying to be honest with you and still include you in her s** life. You should embrace it anx e joy it. Watching her being satisfied by another man will reinvigorate your passion for another and your appreciation for her as a sexual being. You are one lucky, this is a big fantasy for alot of men. Let her cuckold and enjoy the ride

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