S** with a preganat wife, lots of fun.

I always loved having s** with my pregnant wife. It was so good. I really liked it the closer she got to her due date. The belly was so big. I would have to lay off to one side and we both would get so wet with sweat. I loved going down on her. Then one day I went to lick her and she said oh no honey that's ok you don't have t do that I'm kind of dirty and need a bath. Yeah well that is when I saw a huge load of sperm in her. I was like what the f***! I asked her who she had been with. She finally confessed to me that she was sleeping with an old boyfriend. My c*** was really hard and I gave it to her really good. She explained that it was the perfect time for her to have s** with another man. Being that she was already knocked up.

So I asked if I could watch her and she said that was up to the old boy friend. He said no way so I just got sloppy seconds from time to time. But it made for some hot s**. I loved knowing she had just got another man's fresh load in her. It didn't end there as I found out she was also having s** with a neighbor three doors down from us. He didn't mind if I watched. I enjoyed seeing my very pregnant wife having intercourse with another man. It was so hot and sexy to watch them. She enjoyed getting other c**** while knocked up. Then I would go down on her and lick her and then hop on for my turn. I miss those days now. She can now have s** with other men and not worry about getting pregnant. But seeing her with a huge belly getting it good made me so hard. I loved watching and stroking myself I often shot my load long before she got one in her. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend couples try it. Hey you can't hurt what's already been done. Meaning if she's already knocked up anyway.


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  • Wife's friend became pregnant and complained that her husband refused to have s** with her. One night at a party she cornered me in one of the spare rooms upstairs. I was drunk but she was sober as a judge. She grabbed my c*** and pulled it out , she began to blow me. I was in shock but enjoying myself. Soon I was pumping her from behind and we were loving the s*** out of it. We finished up , got dressed and joined the party as if nothing happened.
    The lesson here is that a pregnant woman is more sensual that at any other time in her life.

  • My wife is 16 weeks pregnant and I keep fantasizing about watching her, with her big round belly, get f***** and creampied by other men. Her taking multiple creampies before I get my turn to lick her c*** and c** inside of her. We have a good s** life and both of us have been satisfied, I just can’t stop thinking about it. In fact, I keep going to the free p*** sites and watching videos like that all while imagining it’s my wife. I’ve told her about it when we are having foreplay, and she’s not dismissive, but it doesn’t seem to turn her on the same way it does for me. I doubt it’s something we would ever actually do, but damn does the fantasy rev me up.

  • Well it's a start. Keep doing the role play with her and letting her know how much you get turned on thinking about her getting another mans c*** and c** inside her sexy pregnant ass. It was the most fun I've ever enjoyed with any woman. I even use to have guys I worked with come over to watch Monday Night Football and I had my sexy pregnant wife serve them beer and sandwiches and oral s** and they could f*** her if they so wanted. Not talking a lot of guys just 4 friends I worked with. They enjoyed it and so did she. But I did the most.

  • My coworker and I have always been friends. When she got pregnant I congratulated her and her husband. The more her pregnancy drug on, the more she became depressed. She told me one day at work that she couldn't stand her husband, but the doctor told her it was just hormonal. By the time she was 8 months along she made her husband go stay at his mother's house. She asked me to stop by after work one day, then she jumped on me like a mad woman. She threw me down and rode me like I was her own husband. We continued to have s** until after the baby was born, and then she took her husband back. Pregnant women do some crazy things. I hope she has another kid one of these days.

  • Oh yes! Lots of fun. So how is your wife and my kids doing anyway. LOL

  • BUT avoid missionary or she riding you positions!!

  • Why? My friend rode me everytime we had s** when she was 8 and 9 months pregnant.

  • I loved having s** with my wife when she was knocked up also. I called it riding the camel. LOL.

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