Super B****!

I have loved putting things in my butt. Like almost anything just to see if I can. Things like Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Figures like plastic animals and plastic army men to just about anything. But the most fun I have is putting super b**** in the canal and using my muscles to make them shoot back out and bounce around. I love doing it in the kitchen cause the ball bounces around like crazy. I love trying out bigger and larger ones. So far I have put half dozen of them up my r***** and then shot them all back out in quick succession. I have to strain a bit to keep them moving along but they really go. I started out with 32MM then moved up to 45MM and now I used 60MM which are about 2.35 " and they make me strain to get them out fast. A friend who watched said they should start a contest to see who's a****** will fail first. I love the way they feel as I push them up inside my r*****. I'm waiting on the new shipment of diamond cut super b**** to arrive at my door. Should really add fun to my daily super ball workouts.

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  • I think you just invented a new competition sport. We will call it “The A*** Shot-put.” Some day it will be an Olympic sport.

  • OMMFG! You are the sexiest creature alive!

  • Would you like to come to my place and watch me put things in my ass and then shoot them back out? I just got a new set of super b****. I'm going to see if I can get at least 8-10 of them in my r*****. I could really use a spotter .

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