I fear I’m going to H*** and I love it cause I’m not going alone

I confess that I’m going to h*** and I have no regrets about it , because I was informed in my dreams that it was not my fault that I am Damned to a eternity in limbo, it was the people that raised me in my childhood that are to blame for my damned life . I am not a nice guy no more , I am a F***ing A-hole . Well not so much a A-hole , but a D*** . I know that I am going to H*** and it’s a first class ticket , a one way express train , a bullet train to Heck . And in my Last days of my life , I am not gonna be lonely in H*** , I am taking my tormentors and abusers to h*** with me so it’s the other way around , so they can be the victim and I’m the tormentor . And I tell you the truth , my tormentors and abusers are gonna regret being in my sweet room of H*** , because I’m gonna do horrible, F-ed up terrorizing things to them and they are gonna wish they were never born , let’s just say that the first thing they are gonna do is become my new pet in H*** , a Human Centipede that’s real F***ed and filled with S*** and abuse. I’m waiting for H*** to come and I’m looking forward to it .

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  • Just another person who blames everyone else but not himself for what he did in life.

  • Yes, I blame everybody else because they made me do it, they made me do things I did not wanna do, I was forced to try and make them imbeciles happy and when my time was done with trying to make them happy, I took a hockey stick and I bashed their F-ing heads in And made them bleed just to make myself happy. That made me feel good for once, their slander and emotional and mental abuse and payback by me putting them through h*** for once by watching them bleed. An Eye for a eye is wonderful payback.

  • I like the human centipede part 😂

  • Ha ha, there’s no such thing as H***. Dumbass.

  • Ok , but I’m still looking forward to making you a part of my new pet , a Human Centipede, hope you like being behind a super fat bully , eating his sacrament for breakfast , lunch and dinner .

  • The bitter truth is he ll works according to God’s will not yours

  • Wow! I hate to tell you this but in h*** everyone is in torment. There are no leaders only tormented souls that don't connect to anyone. This is what I was taught in Catholic school that I attended from 7 th grade up to 12 th grade. No one will be in charge when God's final judgement is handed down. Not a place anyone will want to be. I remember kids saying they won't mind being in h*** with all their friends. Except you won't have any friends and won't find any comfort or be a tormenter either. You will just be a soul that is in anguish. You see he ll is the absence of God. I know that's hard to wrap your mind around. You have to read the Bible and see how He ll is described.

    I implore you to try and forgive those who have done things to you. Yes even horrible things. Hate will eat you alive. It will shorten your life cause of what it does to our bodies. We were meant to be beings of love and joy. Hate is a waste of time. It also gives your power away to others. It takes work. But you must have faith. If we also dwell in the past we don't live in the present. Focus on healing yourself. Please don't allow the people who have hurt you to win. I say forgiveness is for you. It frees you not them. It doesn't let them have power over you anymore.

  • Think of it as they will get what they deserve. What you put out comes back to you. Many times over. There are many disciplines that will teach you how to be at peace with yourself and the world. Reach out and find one. I do Yoga and also Aikido. I was sexually abused when I was just 11 by a neighbor boy. I was also picked on growing up by kids in the neighborhood. I have had to work on forgiving so that it freed me from hate that would have consumed me. My own son recently called me stupid and I cried. It hurt me deeply that a person I gave life to and carried inside of me was mean to me. But I forgive him. That doesn't mean I didn't tell him that I didn't appreciate the way he talked to me. You can't allow people to do that either. Hope this helps you.

  • >What you put out comes back to you. Many times over.

    Why does no one ever say this to bullies, child molesters, etc. etc.? Why is it only ever condescendingly said to their victims who, quite rightfully, want to extract their own pound of flesh? How is that being helpful?

    >Think of it as they will get what they deserve.

    Way to say "karma will get them" without actually using the word "karma". You still conveyed the same unthinking attitude.

    When you are training a puppy, do you discipline it for peeing on the rug three weeks after it did it, or right then and there? If you wait three weeks, it thinks you're just being crazy and mean. If you do it right when it happens, it connects the dots and actually learns something from the experience.

    Humans are animals too, and are a lot dumber than we want to believe. So if you want to tell yourself that they're "getting what they deserve", you have to be on board with the idea of them learning that being horrible has repercussions. This is also known as "getting what they deserve".

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