I fear I’m going to H*** and I love it cause I’m not going alone

I confess that I’m going to h*** and I have no regrets about it , because I was informed in my dreams that it was not my fault that I am Damned to a eternity in limbo, it was the people that raised me in my childhood that are to blame for my damned life . I am not a nice guy no more , I am a F***ing A-hole . Well not so much a A-hole , but a D*** . I know that I am going to H*** and it’s a first class ticket , a one way express train , a bullet train to Heck . And in my Last days of my life , I am not gonna be lonely in H*** , I am taking my tormentors and abusers to h*** with me so it’s the other way around , so they can be the victim and I’m the tormentor . And I tell you the truth , my tormentors and abusers are gonna regret being in my sweet room of H*** , because I’m gonna do horrible, F-ed up terrorizing things to them and they are gonna wish they were never born , let’s just say that the first thing they are gonna do is become my new pet in H*** , a Human Centipede that’s real F***ed and filled with S*** and abuse. I’m waiting for H*** to come and I’m looking forward to it .

Jul 8, 2019

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  • I like the human centipede part 😂

  • Ha ha, there’s no such thing as H***. Dumbass.

  • Ok , but I’m still looking forward to making you a part of my new pet , a Human Centipede, hope you like being behind a super fat bully , eating his sacrament for breakfast , lunch and dinner .

  • The bitter truth is he ll works according to God’s will not yours

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