Finger Moves!

I found that I like to finger my p**** or my a****** while watching television and then sniff my fingers and or lick them. Is this strange? I have been doing it for years. I always do it when I'm alone. I like to be alone to enjoy this. Nobody knows I do this. I have been very careful to keep it hidden. My family didn't know about it growing up and now my lover she doesn't know either. It's just something I do when nobody is around. I like doing it and I don't care to quit it. I've been doing it so long that I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to. Just saying.

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  • I love fingering myself. I know that I'm with the wrong person. I'm planning on leaving her soon but looking for a new lover.

  • You shouldn’t hide things from your partner. What if she had been doing the same, and you have been unaware? Don’t let fear tamper with your capability of advancing your sexual relationship. You never know unless you speak up. If someone’s not into what you’re into or will not compromise, you’re with the wrong person. I hope you enjoy yourselves. Explore each other’s limits. Then you will have lived.

  • It is quite normal as well as enjoyable. Carry on ....

  • I'd lick your fingers after they were in your p**** too.

  • I'd enjoy that. How about going right to the source and licking my kitty and make her purr! Oh yes! Now you've made me all excited. I'm getting a bit wet. It seems it doesn't take much to get me all hot and bothered these days. Thanks for your comment.

  • I only like my p**** nice n young

  • How young?

  • 28 years old sweety.

  • I's lick both your p**** and your ass!

  • Lick away you nasty thing. I love having my ass tongued.

  • I love to lick a******

  • So what makes you think I'd even allow you to touch me or my p****? I have standards too. First one is you have to be exceptionally well groomed. Next you have to very handsome/ good looking. Then you have to have no less than eight inches. Which is the perfect size for me. I like my men tall. At least six foot tall and not obese .

  • That sounds like I fit the bill, 6ft bang on,
    Dark hair, 8 to 8 and a half Inch, keep everything trimmed and clean and I lick both kitty and her back door X

  • Yes you sound perfect. Love having my back door serviced by a sexy stud. I'm 28 , 5ft 10 and a brunette. My cup size is 34 DD. I have a tiny landing strip. My hair is medium length. I'm tall and slender. I just split with my girlfriend as she was getting way to needy for my taste. I'm bisexual and love it.

  • I forget I have green eyes if you care.

  • Very nice if you are there let's speak? If not give me a good time?

  • Hello you want a good time do you? Like me licking on that sexy big c*** you have. Or maybe something else you have in mind. I could rap my sexy naked long legs around you honey. Then what do you want to do?

  • I will stick my tongue around your ass while rubbing your cliterous, eventually I will tongue fukk your ass while squeezing your big beautiful t*ts, when you squirt I will during you up.

    What would you like then?

  • Everything you just said. I love my r***** being licked it like drives me wild and crazy. Kind of like when they turn a shark over on it's back they and they get all lifeless. OMG! Tongue on my a****** just makes me so hot and h****. I would lick and suck your c*** so good for you honey. Lick and suck your big b**** too.

  • Good, I would love to have you suck my b****, and c*ck while I tongue your ass and you can p*ss and squirt I will drink all of you!
    When I'm ready you can drink my man cream, after that I will stick it in you bareback, I want to look in to your eyes while it's hard, deep and fast what will you scream while I fukk you?

  • Me too! I love playing with myself. I'm the only one who can do it right. The rest of you jerky boys I wouldn't trust with my favorite hole.

  • I love fingering my p****! I do it all the time when I'm alone. So I understand you.

  • I like to finger my wife.
    Sometimes in bed I tell her on her back legs apart and I put on a condom and hump the bed while fingering her. Other times when she is sitting beside me, I run my hand up under her skirt and I push her undies aside and finger her. It's especially fun to do it while she is conversing with someone across the table at a restaurant.

  • I wish my husband would finger my p**** in public. I love having my p**** fingered. It feels so good.

  • I love to finger my girlfriend p**** while driving in my car.

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