My bestfriend made me c** in her mouth?

So me and my bestfriend were over at my house. My parents and hers went out together so we got to have a sleepover at my place. It’s was about 2 am and we had SOOOO much ice cream. She looked at me and smirked. I said “what’s up with you” she just giggled she pushed me on the bed and locked my room door I asked her “what’s happening” she climbed on me and took off her bra. I was like WOW your T*** ARE HUGE. She replied with and I quote “Suck on them for me” I was so confused. I said umm imm good! She slammed her t*** in my face and grabbed my hand and put it right under her p****. I couldn’t talk because I was under her. She then started humping my hand. Later she finally convinced me to let her f*** me I still didn’t wanna do it but she said we’re besties so what’s wrong with this? I said ur right. And then we continued I pulled her panties off and started rubbing her to skip threw the fun stuff 😉. Later she was eating me and before that happened she had put a vibrator all the way inside my p****. I was moaning so much because she put it on high. She was still EATING ME BY THEN so I had no control. After I said i’m Gonna c** i’m Gonna c** i’m Gonna c** I’m gonna c**. And then I noticed I was literally leaking with c**. She said sit on my face and I was like “why”? She said do it! I climbed on her and by then I had opened up my p**** and let the c** drip out all in her mouth. She stood up and opened her mouth to see how much I cummed. I was shocked there was so much c** she looked like she ate an entire c** of ice cream. By then we cleaned up my room and our parents had just gotten home. But keep in mind it was 2 before but now it’s literally 5! Please don’t judge me and call me a w**** i’m 16 years old and I had no intention of this happening again but we have came out as lesbian we’ve been dating ever since I was 16 at the time when this happend but no I am married to her and I am 27 years old so no judgement please! 😝😘

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  • Picturing that is f****** hot

  • So hot. Turned me on a lot

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