S** for the first

So i am 14 and my cousin is 15 and his gf is 14 so my mom and dad had to go out and do stuff so i was home with me cousin and his gf for the next 7 hour so we were all in the liveing room whaching tv so i got bord of whaching tv so i when on p*** p.s i had no head phone so they here and told me put it on the tv so i hooked it up to my tv and 5 min later we were all h**** as f*** so my cousin and his gf when to the bed room and had s** so i called my mom and side can my bf come over she side yes so my cousin did not no we were have s** because i live in a 2 floor house so he did not hear us have s** so he walk in on us when i was rideing him then we all come in one room and had s** and it was your first time haveing s**

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  • Cool i am 13 and i rid my bf it fell good

  • Ride me too 13 is getting a bit old though

  • Sounds great. Do that as much as you can. Don't be afraid to ask for more.

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