I want to b**** out loud

I want to just say stuff. Like freedom of speech is a farce. I don't mean I want to chew out a individual. Just sweeping generalisations. Sexist, Anti-Semitic, racist, anti-environment, anti-vegan, political. I just want to say it.

Recently a guy in Australia called Israel Folau tweeted that all sorts of people including homosexuals would go to h***. This caused a huge uproar. He lost his very highly paid place as a football player. To me like who cares. People said it was because he vilified homosexuals. First I think there is a difference between having a sweeping generalisation and chewing out a individual to their face. The next thing is, we are told that only about 10% of Australians are religious so how the h*** can the other 90% care about h***.

Or another example, some protesters blocked the streets in Brisbane city and caused huge traffic jams. Everyone was so angry about that. I thought they were dumb because that kind of protest does not get other people to join the cause but I did like that someone is so passionate about whatever their cause was and I just wished there could be a way that they could say it and not get in trouble.


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  • You are not alone. Lots of people just want to say what's on their minds or in their hearts and be heard without catching a lot of bullshit for it. That said, going on the topics that make you stomp your sweet little Aussie feet, I'd hazard a guess that YOU would UTTERLY lose your mind if someone went on a rant about things YOU disagree with.

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