63 yo man who likes to wear panties

I’ve been wearing panties since I was a young teenager now that I’m 63 and married to my second wife I spend a lot of time alone in my secret place with my secret stuff. Is anybody else out there like me?

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  • Love dressing up wearing panties garters sexy long dresses I like how it makes feel and want to a 👧

  • I'm 64 and I love wearing panties along with all the other silky things women wear. I too spend alot of time wearing my things alone. Sometimes I'll go to WalMart wearing my silky Vanity Fair panties, a pair of Leggs Sheer Energy nude pantyhose, a mini-half slip, and a bra. Then i wear a well worn tee shirt and a pair of shorts. One can see the outline of my bra thru my tee shirt if you know what to look for. I love the way women will look at my legs and tee shirt and then smile at me. It's almost like they are telling me I know you are wearing women's underwear. I love it. Would you like to contact me?

  • Would love having you give me a b*******

  • Yes I would like to contact you!

  • You can write me at 8709 Dyer St. Apt.110 El Paso, Tx 79904. Address it to resident.

  • I was 8 when I first wore panties. When my grandmother put me in a pair of my older sisters when she couldn't get my Y fronts clean & dry. The white nylon felt so light and soft after the cotton Y fronts.
    After that day I wanted to try more panties so I used any women's & girls I could get.
    That was 48 years ago. The hardest thing was telling my wife when we got married that I liked to wear panties rather than boxers or briefs.
    Now we buy our panties together & often wear matching tangas. Our favourites. We have all styles of panties but hardly any thongs as we find them uncomfortable.

  • Good for you!

  • I've been wearing pantyhose,panties,heels and dressed since I was 11 years old. I wish I could come to your house and wear her pantyhose.

  • You can come over and suck my c***

  • Me too!

  • Where are you?

  • Wilson NC. You?

  • I am in Orlando Fla. I would wear a pair of nude pantyhose with a pair of white panties and heels for you and your wife.

  • Gawd I hope there isn't

  • Isn’t what?

  • Nothing but panties 24/7 nightdress at bedtime

  • Me too, shadowline at night!

  • Nothing but panties 24/7, nightdress for bedtime

  • Nice

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