First s** with sister

It wasn't exactly the first time. The first time was around a year or so before. My sister and I were wrestling, just having a laugh, and then she dared me to feel her t***. Each time I tried I got a good grope, but not the nipples.
Forward a year: I was feeling h**** one day and decided to leave my bedroom door open. Just enough to allow my sister to see me naked. Eventually she came upstairs and would have needed to pass my room to enter her own. I had a raging head-on. She obviously seen that I was naked but opened the door further to pop her head in. I had covered my erect c*** to hide it, while my sister asked me some question. I can't remember the question. I asked my sister to come in and close the door. She did. At that point I removed my hands from covering my hard c*** and let her look full on. At that point I felt like I was going to shoot my load. My sister was standing back to door, and I loved close to her. I said " touch it", and hesitantly she did. I then put my hand on here to start stroking my c***. This was my own sister wanking me. Then I started to grope her t*** from the outside, then inside. I was very close to c******. I then put my hand up her skirt and started rubbing her c***. My hand on my own sisters c***. I then slipped my hand inside my sister's knickers to fondle her c*** and eventually stick my fingers in her hole. My sister was wet as f***, her face bright red. My sister was still rubbing my c*** and I couldn't hold on. I spunked my load like never before, and that ended my first s** with my sister

Jul 19, 2019

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  • Then later usu f***** her, right?

  • There's nothing wrong with starting with masturbation and eventually progressing to s**. Enjoy yourself.

  • You need to start them long before they get t***,

  • Not s** pal sorry lol

  • Is the person like 8? xD

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