I want to try s** with another man

I have a virgin mouth and r*****. But I sure would like to try giving head to another man. I think the male anatomy is gorgeous. I love looking at the p**** and imagine I'm performing oral s**. Yes I so want to give this a try. I have been with several women but find it just so so. But I find myself wanting to be with another man. I want to lick and then suck on any p****. Then I want to be bent over and feel them inside of my virgin r*****. How do I go about trying this out? I'm just a bit nervous cause I've not done this before. I want so much to try and please someone with my mouth and my whole body that they can use. I'm kind of afraid I'll end up with someone who intends to hurt me in a bad way. But I really want to love another man. Take his hot load in my holes. Help please? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • Help I need c***!

  • Listening to my girl telling me about all those hot c*** she’s sucked had me thinking. Had to see for myself, found a young guy dressed in suit pants and shirt.
    He was curious and was even married. He moved into my booth and wanted to suck me. Then I sucked him. No I see why my girl loves sucking

  • Would love to have my c*** sucked by a male. I heard they suck good. I would love to bend you over and f*** your virgin a******. I love to f*** ass.

  • Try joining a gym and take a shower and walk around naked. See if u notice anyone checking you out. Bend over in front of him and notice if he continues to watch. Get to know him. Start a conversation with him. U can tell if he is into you.

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