I am a petty a******... but I don’t care anymore

I just texted my ex-friend/roommate using a temporary texting app, told her off for abandoning me to my depression and anxiety (without saying who I was), then deleted the app. Was it cowardly? Yup. Was it the kind of thing only an a****** would do? Yup. Do I give a flying F***? H*** no. If the only kind of pleasure I can feel is vindictive, then so be it. The only things I will be nice about are 1) that will be the last time I contact her, and 2) I won’t go spreading her personal info around.

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  • You said it you are a petty AZZHOLE and good thing you know it. I knew right away you did it. I'm sick and tired of having to hear about your depression and anxiety. What the he LL do you think it's like for me being your girlfriend and having to listen to run off at the mouth about this crap all the time. Take your meds and it wouldn't be an issue. But no not you. You argue with the Dr's and you argue with your parents. I mean I know that I'm not anyone special so why should I think to expect anything different from you. Well from now on Mr. you can go take a flying leap cause I don't give two S** Ts! About you or your gosh darn illness anymore. AZZHOLE!

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