I am such a b****... I don’t care.

I just texted my ex-friend/roommate using a temporary texting app, told her off for abandoning me to my depression and anxiety without saying who I was, then deleted the app. Was it cowardly? Yup. Was it the kind of thing only an a****** would do? Yup. Do I give a flying F***? H*** no. If the only kind of pleasure I can feel is vindictive, then so be it. The only things I will be nice about are 1) that will be the last time I contact her, and 2) I won’t go spreading her personal info around.


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  • Too bad you can't be "nice" about avoiding double-posting.

  • You're not a b****. You're hurt and you are looking for a way to tell your friend how you feel. Depression and anxiety are really difficult to deal with. I don't know your exact circumstances and not sure what transpired between you two. But one thing, I can only imagine that it may have just been h****** her to live with you while you were in need. And perhaps, she didn't know how to help you. That I think happens a lot. Just playing devil's advocate, that maybe she's not so bad and perhaps pulled away when you needed her most because she needed to take care of herself. Are you getting the help you need?

  • Sorry to hear. Cheer up mate.

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