Should I have s** with my good friend's dad?

I am 16 and will be 17 in 2 more months. My best friends dad is an attractive 45 year old man who always flirts with me whenever I come over. I wear lots of skimpy clothes when I go to my friend's in hopes he will see me because I like the attention. He told me I have pretty feet so I started wearing sandals or going barefoot all the time when I come over and he even gave me a foot rub one time and commented that if I were a little older he would get in trouble with me. I have had s** with 2 guys already but I want to with him. Should I? What should I do to make him come on to me?

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  • Doesnt sound you have to do anything more than you already have !

  • Yes, seduce him and make the kissing very passionate. Don’t rush into anything at first. Be sure to dress in sexy garters or lingerie. Make sure when you blow him start off slowly and look into his eyes and softly suck his b**** and swallow his seed.
    When it’s his turn and If he’s any good in bed he’ll know how to make you c** first without any penetration.
    Make it special

  • Yes you should! As long as you can do it in secret

  • Yes he most likely wants you as well. Try wearing a short dress with no panties and bend over for him. Tease him. Ask him for another foot massage and wear a dress with no panties and flash him. Go over to your friends house when you now she’s not home but he is. U should make the first move because he may be embarrassed if you turn him down. Go for it. I’m sure he is dying to do you.

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