Girlfriend wanted nude pictures taken

My girl,Tammy, was in a red teddy when i looked in the family room with two guys. They were both about 20 she was 23,im 24 . I hear her say go ahead,and one starts snapping pictures of her in the teddy,then tells her to slid off the straps,more pics , she then is told to slid it down to her waist, her t*** in full view to both of them and pics are taken then she takes it off and is there nude .
They direct her to squeeze her t*** together,turn around for ass shots, I couldnt believe what was happening but decided to see what happens. Then one of them tells her to lay on the floor and spread her legs which she does and the camera is clicking away at her open p****. They tell her to play with herself while taking more pics. Then she says Ken is going to love these I hope,one guy said I know i do,if he doesnt,he's a f** . So then she said let me pay you both and she gave them both b******* and stayed naked the entire time. They gave her the flash card, and left . I snuck back out as it was finishing up. She said i have a surprise for you and handed me the drive, I looked at it like ive never seen anything like it ,and said,awesome,but who took the pictures , she says a friend that doesnt want you to know and left it at that. I know she blew thwm,but i got great pics and a memory of what i saw . Was worth it I think

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  • I’d love to see.

  • Yeh you leave me alone too ken. you can't control macb and I am not your tam.

  • That’s really hot such a turn on.

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