15 sucked my first d***. Confusion.

Last night I sucked my 18 year old friend c*** three times and swallowed.

I slept at his house last night and shared the bed.

I have never been with anyone before last night. He not gay but I bagged him to be my first. I told him I loved him.

This morning I felt his hand on my head and he guided it to his d*** he was already hard I willingly blew and swallowed him. Then after breakfast he came in the shower with me and pushed me on my knees. I didn't want to, this time but he said, I thought you love me. I gave in and sucked.

He drove me home a hour ago, and pulled over my a secluded park and took out his d***. His hand was on my neck and I resisted then he slapped me. And said suck it. He forced me down to it and it hurt my throat. Then came again.

I love him so much.

If he's not gay why is he making me suck him.

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  • Coz he CAN.

  • Men suck better than female

  • Boy or girl regardless of age once they get a c*** in their mouth they want it all the time

  • I was 10 and it was like a light was turned on...

  • For sure, I'm a boy who fooled around with other boys but was afraid to s*ck. Some older boys forced me to and did I start liking it.

  • Will you suck me of I'm a boy

  • I'm kinda sissy like and lots of boy's who are straight like me to suck um. A friend of mine and his older brother f**k me, it's so cool because I never thought that I would like it and I do.

  • I'm a boy I want to be sucked of will you suck me of

  • Because he knows you will

  • He obviously loves the way you suck him off and you told him that you loved him.In my book that suggests that you are the one that's gay. To me he's just hooked on the way you suck him off and he wants it all the time. What is the problem. If you aren't into being forced then speak up and tell him that. Nobody should be forced to do something that they don't want to do. You can love someone but that doesn't mean you have to be his door mat.

  • I like the forcing bit. Sometimes my gf willingly offers to suck me which I usually accept but I find it more exciting and arousing to guide her and even more arousing if she really does not want to do it and I have to force her.

  • I would love to have U I’ll suck U dry and let U reload my pet 💋💋

  • I would love to have you suck my c---- you must suck it really good.

  • Trust me if I had a pretty boy who loved sucking my c*** I couldn’t stop. I’d have you stuck my c*** daily if that was possible... even twice a day. All I can say is just enjoy and get all that hot young protein you can

  • I'm aboy will you suck me of

  • Nothing beats sucking boys c****

  • Will you suck me of

  • I want aboy to do it to me first tme

  • Do you want my email contact me

  • I want a anther boy to do it to me I want a boy to do it to meet would be my first time sucked by a boy

  • I'm a boy I wear panties I'd like to taken in the woods have a boy pull my panties download like to be sucked off never done it I'd like to c**

  • Love to have you suck mine

  • Where you from I love to suck your c*** and swallow your load .. I am a c** s*** use me as you please

  • Near London I'd love you to suck me of

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