Kicking boys in the b****

Any girls that would love to kick me in the nuts so I'll shut the f*** up about it I'll even let you kick me as hard as you want? I'll put a comment for each answer.



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  • I would love to give you what you want. I would smash those b**** with a big huge hammer and watch the blood and mashed tissue sliding down your legs. Comment about that you weirdo.

  • No hammer if you really want to do it then you can kick me as hard as you want though

  • Wow that's f***** up! Good answer to the repeat I've problem!

  • I'm a sub hub my wife kicks me in the b**** and does other painful things to me.

  • No, you won't shut up about it even if someone besides me bothers replying to your repetitive bilge. You need the attention too badly.

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