S** with my aunt

So this is a confession of mine that I had s** with my aunt. She is nearly fair 41 years old but never looked older than 30 , she doesn't have a slim figure but is quite hrlathy , she is a typical indian housewife . She has medium sized b**** of I think 36B or 36C I haven't seen her bra size but she had a big ass which increased her sexual appeal . I had crush on her since her last visit to my home when she slept beside me and I was able to grope her ass and touch her in her sleep . From that moment on I used to fantasize for her . During month of the July , I went for a vacation at my aunt's home . My uncle had go to his workplace that was quite far . So he used to leave home at 10'o clock in the morning and used to reach home at 9'o clock at night . While my brother went to Mumbai for his higher studies . So it was only me and aunt for this whole vacation . I had been fantasizing about my aunt for a quite a long period and this was the time to make it true. The day came I went to my aunt's place which was in the same city and this vacation was a week off for me from all the stress and tensions . I was prepared for some fun and quality time with aunt . As I was dropped by my parents at my aunt's place , I was welcomed warmly . She gave me a warm hug as I reached her home . I said her that I was very happy and excited to be at her home as I didn't have time to visit her home due to college . My uncle was also there as it was a holiday . I settled my baggage in her cupboard as she helped me to do it. Seeing her bending up and down putting my clothes inside the cupboard made by d*** hard as she also wearing a salwar kameez with no pallu . I was gazing at her cleavage as she did not care of hiding it . I knew somehow deep inside that my aunt also likes me and wants something from me. That day we watched a movie and went to a restaurant for dinner . I was waiting for the next day where I would only alone with my aunt for the whole day . That day I slept at another room and my aunt and uncle slept in their room . Next day my uncle went for work and my aunt had prepared a delicious breakfast for me . I thanked her and appreciated about her talents and her beauty ( I was so shy trying flirting with her ) she was blushing and gave me hug which made my d*** harder . She was preparing for our lunch while I was watching movie at television . I eagerly waiting for the lunch as after that we would were supposed to take a nap. At 2'o clock in the evening we had our lunch and I helped my aunt cleaning while she insisted me not to but I was trying to win her heart . She was impressed by me . As she finished all her chores she told me to take a afternoon nap . She asked me to sleep in her room which I was expecting for . She locked all the doors and came to sleep . She was wearing a top and loose pants while removed all my clothes and came to sleep with my underwear . She kept on gazing at body as I walked in out of the bathroom after changing . I had a fit body with some packs which increased my sexual appeal as I was wearing only a underwear . She placed my pillow just a feet away from her pillow and asked to sleep . After some minutes as we slept she turned her back towards me . I thought of coming near her with my hard d*** on . As I moved near her she also moved her ass near me. I thought this of a positive sign and so came close of her that hard d*** was just only touching her big ass . I remained at that position . And to my surprise my aunt moved more close towards me and while my whole d*** was totally rubbing against her ass . I was so turned on . Then I kept my hand on her stomach and as time went I was moving my hands towards her v***** . As I was near her panties she turned and was lying face up . I thought that my aunt wanted me to finger me . So I slowly moved my hand in her loose pant and again moved my hand inside her panty to feel that she was wet . While pretending to sleep I looked at her and I saw her enjoying it. I put my finger inside her v***** and by this she said " ohh , please ahhhhh" I got turned on and got up and removed her pants while my aunt looked me bitting her lips . I removed her panty and started licking her c******* which made her stomach and hips move as I licked them hard . She moaning saying my name and then placed her hand on my head and pushed it towards her v***** . I was feeling in heaven and licked her v***** passionately. Then I got up and removed her top and started pressing her delicate and soft b**** . I and my aunt were so turned on that we didn't care about anything . I then opened her bra to reveal two beautiful b****** with two smooth brown areolas with inch long hard nipples . I sucked them like crazy which turned her more and her moaning became quite loud . She kept on saying my name and kept saying " ohhhhhh ahhhhhh hmmmmmm" . Then she pushed me went for my d*** she pulled my underwear and threw them and then sucked onto my 4 inch long d*** which made her quite pleased . She kept on sucking it on and on and sucked it to a whole while I was in heaven... moaning . She then went for something in the cupboard and brought a condom and put it on my d*** . It was the first I saw a condom . She then lubricated the condom with her spit . And lied down near the edge of the bed and said me to stand down near the edge of the bed where she was lying . It was the first time I saw a mature lady spreading her legs and opening her v***** for me. I wasted no time and then inserted my d*** inside her slowly she moaned as I inserted my d*** . Her v***** was quite tight as it squished my d*** and then I started pulling it out and then inserting it in . As time went my speed increased and this was awesome . The sound of banging with while we both were moaning made me feel like in heaven . I lasted for 5 minutes after which I suddenly removed my d*** pulled my condom out and cummed on my aunt stomach . She picked some c** with her finger and licked it then I licked her v***** with my tongue and made her c** too . She cummed on face and then we slept happily cuddling ourselves .

Jul 24, 2019

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