I wanna forcefully f*** my female friend

Well so basically i wanna f*** the s*** out of my friend. We know each other for almost 1.5 years and she's a small qt (5.11), she's 19 and im 22. Couple of weeks ago i was giving her a lift to her home and then, when she has started to unfasten her seatbelt, i've grabbed it back and pushed her against the seat with it, locked the doors and forced her to watch some s***** meme compilation on Jewtube or some s*** like that. She wasn't resisting too much and after~ 1 hour I've finally released her. I've tried this multiple times since then and i always was hard AF from it, I've literally had to hide my b**** from her every single time. And she doesn't even say anything, like that i should stop doing it, ect.. Next time i want to go further and just grab that smol cute b**** by her p****, start kissing her and then hump her hard.



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  • Do not force anyone ever. Seduce her instead.

  • You’re f***** in the head mate

  • Go for it

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