I might be horrible but f*** it

So. I met someone online and we agreed to meet after a few weeks of chatting. I spent the night with him. We had s**. He loved it and kept saying we have crazy chemistry.
I really didnt enjoy it. The next day he kept trying to f*** me again and I would avoid kissing him or I'd find some excuse. Now my reasons might make me a horrible person but whatever.
With his clothes off he was so large I couldn't even wrap my arms around him to hug him. He was also really hairy - chest, back, beard, long hair. He f***** me for hours and kept sweating like crazy through his hair and it got all over me. His kisses were gross and sloppy and he tasted bad. The next day he took forever to get up and shower and brush his teeth from the night before yet kept pushing me to kiss him and let him f*** me again; he smelled and tasted awful.
Am I a superficial b**** for saying I dont want to see him again and then not telling him all the above?

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  • Your stupid for having slept with him in the first place. Why would you? if he is respulsive as you so eloquently put it.

  • The guy is a slob, don't put up with it, run away as fast as you can.

  • You dodge a huge mistake. It probably gets worse for that loser. No showers , Smells like ass and s*** breath.
    Like the one pos noted. Clean shaven, well groomed and well dressed are your best targets. The guy you mentioned is usually profiled as a person who snatched you and keeps you hostage for life

  • No you did the right think by not telling him. But you should have picked up on the bad hygiene stuff before you f***** him though. I've gotten really good at telling which men are ones you should not mess with. I have yet to be with a man who dressed smart and was impeccably groomed who had these issues. But if they look like they don't care by what they wear they usually have something wrong with the rest of them. Yuck! I don't mess with long haired and scruffy bearded men as they usually all have issues with hygiene. So wise up. If it looks rotten on the outside it usually is. Trust me I have been dating men for going on near 41 years now and it was true when I was in high school and it still is today.

  • Sounds like you were f****** porky pigs dad. Guys like me shave and smell good. Gobble my smooth b**** and d.

  • Damn! Dude she put you away and fast. LOL

  • Just because you shave your lower regions doesn't mean your good to go. I look at how you talk also. I wouldn't gobble anything on your scummy little body you twisted perverted A******! Thank you and have a nice day. SICKO!

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