I want to f*** my friend

Well so basically i wanna rape the s*** out of my friend. We know each other for more than year and a half. She's a small qt (5.11), she's 19 and I'm 22. We were hanging out almost daily during the last summer (one year ago). We were having quite a good time, and one day, when i was giving her a ride back to her block, after arrival she started to unfasten her seatbelt, i've grabbed it back and pushed her against the seat using the belt, locked the doors and forced her to watch some s***** meme compilation on Jewtube or some s*** like that. She was trying to break free at first, but after one minute she went quite submissive and after 1 hour I've finally released her. I've been doing this dozens of times since then and always was getting hard AF from this, I've literally had to hide my b**** from her. And she hasn't even said anything, like that i should stop doing it / i dont like it, ect. The time was passing and eventually I've stopped doing this, because it became boring for me so far, but we were still hanging out daily. After two months she has moved to another city (her bf was living there). We were still texting each other, but after one month she has blocked me on every social media and even my phone number for no f****** reason, i was really p***** off. We weren't talking for almost a year until the last 2 weeks, when I've accidentally saw that she has unblocked me, so I've texted her like hey you thot tf are you doing. She said that she's in my city again and asked me do i wanna hang out, i ageeed (i was bored af anyway) and drove to her block, called her but she's said sorry, i can't go with you rn, maybe tomorrow. I've called her the next day and she said something similar and after few more calls she has blocked me once again. Now I'm REALLY F****** P*****. Now I'm driving by her block every time I've got a spare minute, hoping to see her. If I'll see her, I'll just shove her into my car, than drive to some deserted place and just grab that smol cute b**** by her p****, start kissing her and then hump her hard.



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  • If your writing style plus the content are a reflection of who you are as a person, you're not worthy of even this mixed signal sending chick. Stay away from humans until you grow up.

  • Get smart and take a hint, she is not interested in you . Put some distance between you.

  • Just rape her in her ass remember to be brutal and indifferent to her pain

  • I was raped b4

    my s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Whatever, virgin.

  • If you know her address visit her house and ask her honestly why she keeps blocking you.

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