Her Best Friend's and Nieces Panties

That I had secretly video-taped her high school aged nieces while they showered at our house and that I have stolen and jerked off in her nieces and her best friends' panties. Also, that she had jerked me off with several of her friend's stolen panties after I had taken them and given them to my wife saying they were brand new and I bought them for her. I'd ask her to wear it and while fooling around, I'd f*** my wife's wet c*** while she still has on her friend's panty. Then I'd take it off and she'd wrap what she thinks is her new panties around my little c*** and j*** me off until I'm begging to c**. When she finally let's me c**, she let's me shoot into the panties. During the panty job, she is slapping my 4 inch c*** telling me how small it is and that it belongs in panties. She sometimes has me put them on and will tease my little c*** or make me j*** off with the panties while she watches and teases me. God if she only knew I was stroking my tiny d*** with her best friend's or her nieces hot and sexy lace panties. It would be awesome if they came over and caught me jerking off with their panties or if my wife took a video of me and secretly showed it to them. I wonder what they'd say and do. So f****** hot! Ladies, can you all please comment. Aloha!

Jul 26, 2019

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  • Upload that videos on some pornsites and post the urls

  • I love wearing all sorts of ladies lingerie too, but I would really love to give your little 4" c*** all the oral love that it deserves. I would love seeing you all dressed up in your borrowed panties, while I suck you like there's no tomorrow. Does this sound good?

  • I have panties on right now want to suck me off?

  • I'm 12 my step dad started sniffing my panties when I was about 10 we started having s** soon and now my mum is called my cuck and we f*** all the time she's in my old room and we sleep in the big bedroom now.
    He tells my I'm a million times hotter than my wrinkly saggy mom

  • Forget mummy p**** when nice tight step daughter p**** is available

  • Thank you x do you f*** girls my age

  • Hey!! Hit me up sometime I'd love to chat with you! classy jack 01 att gee mail dot com

  • Youngest I f***** was 8, nice tight c*** she had

  • That's sick. Pedophilia is never ok

  • Y Its my choice

  • Because a child is not psychologically or emotionally mature to be in a sexual relationship and it's AGAINST THE LAW!

  • I'm not a child I'm a young woman I wear thongs and sexy bras

  • You are 12 years old. you can't even get a job.

  • What about a b*******

  • She can have one sucking my c***

  • I don't need to work my mom has to do it all she's my cuck and im super hot

  • You are crazy. super hot huh? So tell me miss super hot...what does it mean to be ovulating and name the most common STI. Also, what's your favorite size c***? What's too small and what's too big? Oh...and where did the term cuck come from?

  • I don't have to do anything you say your trying to bully me and it won't work I am super hot and we did it 4 times last night your just jealous

  • I will do it more than 4 times, if I had a nice 12 yr old to f*** I would never sleep

  • I told him what you said and we have done 7 times so far

  • Love to see your 12yr old p****

  • Every body wants to I'm super hot but I don't think my boyfriend step dad would like it do you have a girlfriend then???

  • Not right now, harder to find underage and I only like young p****

  • Agreed it sucks, once it gets hair on it it is past it

  • I am a new person wanted to say it's hot you have s** at 12 ;)

  • Thank you I am super hot and we do all the time I can more than my mom ever could

  • My cousin was 8 first time I f***** her, I was 15

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