Wearing panties

I love wearing panties .I tried a pair on the otherday when i was doing laundry .The laundry room was empty but there was a load of clothes in the dryer.Who ever was doing their laundry hadnt returned to get the dry clothes ,since there was a empty laundy basket i took the clothes out so i could dry mine. There was a very sexy pair of panties that i saw so i decided to put them in my pocket. As i decidedvto fold the laundry i found a few more pairs of panties i took care and folded them and put them with the bras on top .I sat down and waited for my clothes to finish. About 10 minutes later this elderly lady came in to get the laundry i explained that i folded it for her she thanked me and said she needs to introduce me to her granddaughter,well tomorrow i will get to wear the panties to meet the lady that hadvworn them previously. Should I let her know im wearing her panties.These are the first ones i took and kept i have tried on friends sisters panties or panties from women that i had to take their dogs for walks while they worked .never have i worn panties while talking to the person whos they were

Jul 28, 2019

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  • I wear my wife dirty thongs

  • You pose an interesting question...I love wearing women's lingerie too. I would say after you talk with her a while you will get an idea if she is sexually liberal or not. Make your decision then. I guess I need help and am a sicko too. Wouldn't be any other way.

  • Get some professional help you pervert. Your a sicko my friend and I use that term loosely. Anyway go seek out HELP! Run don't walk you freaker. Have a nice day. Sorry if I seemed a bit rough on you but you really need help.

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