Wearing panties

I love wearing panties a friend of mine knows this ,ive asked her for her panties so i can feel closer to her .She said that would ruin our frienndship,she said she will buy me a pair like the ones she wears ,even tell me to wear a matching pair, so i agreed she gave me a pair when i was at her place to put on so i did she then asked to see what i looked like in them as i showed her she dropped her pants to show me a matching pair ,i gave her a big hug and kiss and as our bodies rubbed up against each others i felt so good and thanked her .she said that it sure made her feel good too. I know nothing sexual will happen its just wr love each other in a different way . As i was about to leave she takes her panties off and says enjoy them now i want yours

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  • Wow, that is so cool that you have a lady you can share your love of panties with. Not many women are that open minded. Are you only into panties, or have you also tried pantyhose or thigh high stockings, shapewear, short half slips, and bras and maybe camisoles? I'd love to hear more if you feel like writing or contacting me.

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