Asking for panties

I was at the mall and walked past a V.S. store there were a few Women in shopping and a couple of younger girls . I decided to go in and feel the panties and bras. Well as i was looking at the panties one of the younger girls joins me and tells me she needs new panties i tell her so do i i pick up a pair and ask if she likes these and i will buy some for her in exchange for the ones shes wearing she takes the panties fom me goes into the dressing room and a minute later she sticks her head out a calls me to come look how well the panties fit she hands me the ones she had on and tells me its my turn to put on panties she stayed right by theq door until i showed her how they fit .She then grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the dressing room i was in clear view of everyone. I smiled at a few of the ladies and asked for their panties to try on i got 7 more pair and even the cashier gave me hers . Me and this younger girl now go out everyweek she even got me to put her bathing suit onand go to a beach .Gosh what a beautiful girl her boyfriend thinks im her dad lol only if he knew what we do, Sge asked me in front of her bf if she can move back home with me because her mom wont let her date . I told her sure but that she has to pay some rent she said thats ok im sure we can work something out .She then said would it be ok if a few of her gf also stayed for the upcoming weekend. I smiled and said sure, im looking forward to some fresh panties from her friends to wear. Im sure Amy knows i will be wearing them.Maybe with luck Amy will let me model for them all


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  • Alot of Tim when i go out i weàr thin shorts or ones with loose let openings short as h*** and I open my legs to give the lady's a sexy panty peek

  • Well all sounds good end well I’m CD and love satin panties hoses and high heels and U can guess the rest love it

  • I would love to strip down to panties for some to see. You are so lucky.

  • I'm a boy I'll strip for you we can both strip to our panties

  • I would love to see you in panties. I'd love the bulge in them even more. Iwould love to suck youoff while I was wearing all sorts of lingerie too.

  • I'm a boy ilove girls panties pink ones white ones you can see mine whenever you want

  • Nothing is more exciting than seeing a man wearing ladies silky panties & thigh high stockings with a big bulge in the front of his panties.

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