Nude with mother in law

My wife and I have been married a year and a half. She is 29 and I’m 32 and have a clothed female nude male (CFNM) lifestyle. We are also friends with 2 other couples who have the same lifestyle.
My mother-in-Law (MIL) is 53 yo, divorced, an ER nurse and lives in Arizona. We live n New York on Long Island. She is about 5’ 5, 140 pounds with a D cup b*****s. Quite sexy. About a month ago she came to visit and stayed with us as she was looking for a nursing position and had a few interviews lined up.
To this point I have never been nude in front of her even though she knows of our lifestyle.
Before she arrived my wife told me that she, her mom, would be staying with us for about a month. I told my wife that it was going to impact my being nude. She said she addressed the issue with her mom and she was OK with it.
Her mom was with us a few days but I remained dressed while she was in our house. One day my wife was at a business meeting, my MIL was at an interview and as I work from home I decided to get undressed. As my office is in the rear of the house I hadn’t seen nor heard my MIL come in. I went to get some coffee and as I walked into the living room there was my MIL. I think we were equally shocked. I didn’t try to cover up or run to another room. Her eyes focused on my c*** and we both smiled and said “sorry”. I started to get an erection. I asked if she wanted something to drink? Her eyes still focused on my c*** she said she could use a glass of wine. To which I poured us both a glass. We had a nice talk and discussed her moving here if she gets a nursing job. She indicated that my being nude all the time was fine with her. After 2 glasses she reached over and held my c*** in her hand and said she hadn’t had one like mine in quite a while.
My wife came home and saw me nude in front of her mom. She smiled and said “I guess the family secret is out”. We all laughed.
My MIL has played with my c*** often and has even masturbated me a few times. She took a nursing job in an ER and works the 6pm to 2am shift. So we are both home during the day when my wife is at work. Our relationship has gotten to a point where we have s** almost daily.

Jul 31, 2019

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  • This is beautiful, I could do with help with my mil?

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