I don't want s** unless my fiance has a clean mouth

My fiance has halitosis.
I don't like the idea of him going down on me with his bad breath mouth.
Im worried it will give me a UTI.
He gets hurt when I bring it up and seems to think it's a me problem. But it's really bad. And yes, I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac... Hi kisses me and I imagine all those stinky meat smelling particles in my neck, behind my ear... Etc...
And it ruins my mood.
How do I get him to take me seriously though? 😬

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  • By him a water peck. Does he get his teeth clean by a hygienist on a regular basis. It my also be a stomach issue. Anyway that would turn me off.

  • He might have tonsil stones which he will need to visit a doctor or even gingivitis.
    Most females won’t even put up with it.
    There are many things that might be causing this concern. Halitosis or even smelly breath from being a diabetic might be possible.

  • Dental/oral hygiene aside, there are a number of medical conditions that can cause chronic halitosis. He should get checked by a doctor.

  • Perhaps y'all should both research halitosis together. Get all the factual info as a couple so that when stuff like that comes up, it's not so hard to communicate your worries.

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