S** with best friend .

I'm 28 and my friend is 25. When I was 15 and he was 12, he slept at my house on a Friday night.

It was midnight when, he got in bed with me naked. I said what are you doing?

And he said, I love you. I want you to f*** me. Your d*** is already hard. It was and he got on his hands and knees.

I had hand lotion, lubes my c*** and entered him. I know it hurt him because he was whimpering, but he said don't stop.

We f***** for 10 minutes, and he was pushing back now and I came in him.

He just kept saying I love you. I love you.

We fell a sleep together, I woke up at 6am to per and was hard again thinking about his ass.

He say my c*** and said, f*** me again. Which I did.

It's 13 years later and we live together. He is a complete bottom, I can't get enough of his ass. F****** him 3 times a day is normal.

His oral is great too, but l love his ass the best.

I f*** women too, which I like. I think I'm Bi.

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  • I was ten with a fifteen year old boy when he talked me into letting him f*ck me. It was a good experience, he was so gentle. He's responsible for making me enjoy being with another guy.

  • That is so hot.

  • Boy/boy stuff seems like it's natural now...
    I mean now that I'm doing stuff with another boy and having been with lots of boy's who teach me stuff I kinda want to be with just one boy now. I think that I met him too!

  • We too have done such a thing. But no ass hole f***. I was only 11 and my cousin 13. His c*** was slightly thicker and mine. My c*** was slim and his c*** could not pull back his foreskin and his pink c*** head was always hidden. Whereas I could pull back my foreskin and have full fun. As we both slept together in one room we get naked and pulls at each other c***. He would suck my c*** and I would slid my tongue through his tight foreskin and pee hole deeply. He will turn me around f*** my thighs. After much playing we would m********* each others c***. At that age he could c** but only a little. He too have some pre-c*** also. But at my age there was no pre-c** or any c** at climax. We have enjoyed a lot.

  • I'd been with him, the fifteen year old boy exclusively for the better part of a year before I was with other boys. It was so cool trying stuff that I didn't know about, small c*cks, big c*cos, slender and thicker ones. I wondered why, I mean like how come boy's were always trying stuff with me at the time. Now I kinda know, it was my clothes and the fact that I was cute, but the short shorts that I wore and all the cute little underpants I had on that were quite visible due to my shorts.

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