S*** teen

I came home one day and my oldest son was at my apartment with a girl. He was eighteen and living with my ex but came over to my apartment to smoke weed and drink. With him was a fifteen year old girl named Sue. She had brown hair was about five ft four wearing a dingy t shirt shorts and socks. He takes me aside and tells me she is a run away and wants to go home. But she lives over an hour and a half away and he can’t take her. I’m like f*** no it’s late and I’m tired. He waits till I am in the bathroom and leaves! I come out she is sitting there. I tell her she can stay the night on the couch and I will take her home tomorrow. She says ok and just kind of sits there looking around. I get a bottle of wine and pour me a drink. I looked at her closer and she had a nice body just a kind of blah face. I decided I would try something. I offered her a glass of wine then said “no never mind you’re to young.” She shook her head and stood up. “I’m not that young I drink wine.” I poured her a big glass and her ego kicked in. She downed the glass and wanted more. After a couple of glasses she was obviously drunk. I asked her “hey do you know how to kiss, oh nah you’re way to young to know.” She grinned and staggered over and kissed me. Her tongue deep in my mouth. I figured what the h*** and slid my hand under her shirt. She was braless and had small C cup t***. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and she groaned. We got on my bed and I pulled her clothes off. She had thick brown pubic hair which after a few moments was soaking wet. I was surprised she wasn’t a virgin and spent the night pounding the h*** out of her. The next day I took her home and dropped her off.

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