Cotton panties

I confess that after so many years my husband won’t get jealous anymore. I can wear see through, short, skimpy, clingy but he wouldn’t care. I can go out eating or dancing or to the movies with male friends but he wouldn’t care. The last straw was when in his friend’s house he invited us to jump in the pool in underwear. My husband immediately said “great idea!” It was only the three of us. My husband was the first to start stripping and jumped in the pool. I didn’t know to much what to do but evidently I needed to strip too, which I had to do in front of his friend. I got the goosebumps all over. His friend invited me to dive together at once. My bra came off when I dove in the pool. I thought there was no point in put it back on so I stayed topless under the water as we spoke. My husband didn’t care at all. Then his friend told us to get out to get in the hot tub. My husband liked the idea and held my hand as we got out the pool together. It was fun walking topless by the pool in front of his friend. My wet white cotton panties didn’t do a good job covering my dark pubic hair. I was getting aroused and I liked it. My husband went inside for drinks and left me alone with his friend for a while. Actually for more than a reasonable time.

Aug 10, 2019

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  • So......he left you with the friend for “more than a reasonable time”. What did you and the friend do during this time while you were nearly nude? I feel there’s more tho the story

  • I dated a girl onetime who turned out to be a s***. More than one time I caught her f****** another guy and promised I would dump her, but took her back. She used to p*** me the f*** off because she always did it behind my back. Funny thing was I'm into Vixen Stag fantasy. I told her many times I would let her f*** another guy in front of me but she chose to sneak around instead.

    I ended up dumping her and eventually married another woman. Been married to her now for 20 years and she never so much as gives me the slightest hint that she's ever f***** around on me. For probably the last 10 years I have told her about my fantasy and asked her if she wants to f*** someone else, she never changes her answer, always saying no. For the last 3 years now I have even changed it up telling her if she felt more comfortable she could go f*** someone else at their house while I wait at home. She still says no. About 4 months ago I changed it again and told her she could f*** whoever she wanted to without telling me as long as she gave me a hint the naughty dead had been done. Again she still said no. However, last night right before I turned off the lights and got in bed, she winked at me. I stopped and looked at her, then asked if that meant what I thought it meant. She played dumb and acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. When I reminded her of what I said she swore up and down she didn't mean anything by it and had forgotten what I said. I don't know whether to believe her or not. I mean she has never given me reason to think she has ever lied or screwed around.

  • Well U wanted her to f*** someone and she did it ,so what does that make U happy now I hope she did and enjoyed the h*** out of it. Don’t ask for something and get it and then be mad about it . Ps I would have f***** her and got her hotter then h***. U might want to check her satin panties. By 💋👌

  • You gave her the go ahead. Gave her full permission to do as she pleases w other men. So she has started. She knows you’re perfectly fine w her f u cking other men w o your knowledge. So you’ve done this to yourself. You allowed a perfectly faithful wife to be unfaithful. Actually you begged for it for years. She says she hasn’t but I believe she has and is too afraid or shy to actually admit to what she did. I’d get her to tell me and wouldn’t let up until she did. But I doubt she’ll tell you anyway

  • My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

  • Did anything happen sexually? If I were you I would have taken off my wet panties too

  • Sometimes less is more. Tease and flirt may be more productive

  • And what went through your mind as hubby was gone?? did anything happen??

  • “For a blonde you’re pretty dark down there” his friend told me. OMG he got me with that line!

  • Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties. That morning and afternoon of the concert I f***** her and as always she left it wet and dripping down her leg. So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Basically like a T-shirt it just about covered her ass and hairy p****. Then she bent over and I f***** her. Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off on the floor to the book. After she had an o***** and right before we went left she bent over and I f***** her again, and she was so wet and open I just put it in between her legs and it slipped in easily until I came in her again. Never did she wipe her p**** and then we went to a fast food place as we didn't have time for a restaurant and she was dripping everywhere. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened her legs wide and flashed the musicians. Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was.

  • Omg that makes me want to f*** her too

  • Me too

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