Jerked off seeing Neighbour's p**** while peeing

My Neighour's were out of house and their home was locked, so I just jumped over the boundary bushes into their plot and was wandering in the backyard. In the adjacent house, I saw my class mate's big sister aged 20 years walking out of the backdoor of their house and going to the bathroom built outside their house. The door of the bathroom was facing the plot I was wandering. When I saw her without thinking anything I just ducked under the bushes and sat down on the ground hiding. She with giggly b**** and big ass walked to the bathroom. She was wearing a full length Skirt. Though the bathroom had a door, after getting into the bathroom she didnot close it. As there was no roof the Sun was shining too bright and the every inch of the bathroom was clear as sky. My friend's big sister getting inside and facing the door she raised her skirt and ducked the bottom tip under neck and head, she further folded up the downend of her skirt further beyond the buttocks revealing a thick black hairy p****. My goosh. It was just like the love symbol just like some one beard. Seeing such scene my small p**** jumped up in my trousers, I was not wearing any underwear. To my further excitement she thrusted her p**** forward by pushing her buttocks forward and for herself to see her p****. Due to this pubic hair her v***** was not visible. I could not control myself. I was just only 11 years old and used to m********* as has played with my cousin brothers together. I opened my fly and took my erect small p**** in my hands and started to pull up and down my foreskin too fast. My friend's sister sat on heels spreading wide showing here p**** too clear in the sunlight and started peeing. First a full burst of flow for a few seconds and then it slowed and stopped with dripping pee. After a while she stood up in the same position with here skirt full pulled up and showing the wet p**** shining in the sunlight. I having speeding up my hands was reaching a climax. Being of small age there was no pre-c** or any c**. She took the edge of her skirt and wiped the p**** thoroughly. Seeing that my excitement increased and I reached a climax and was unable to touch my throbbing p**** any further. I sat on the ground little bit numb. She dropped her skirt and pouring some water over the urine, she left the bathroom. After some time I got up and went back to my and jerked after some time and in the night also had a slow and enjoyable f*** thinking of the black hairy p**** of my friend's big Sister.


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  • My friend and I go hiking frequently and he would always pee behind a tree but i would hold it. One time i couldnt wait anymore and he said "It's fine you've seen me do it lots of times." I tried to squat but couldnt aim so i ended up leaning back and spreading my lips with two fingers. My v***** gaped open while i pushed the pee out and I know toward the end my b******* was visible too. He tried not to stare but i know he saw my p**** hole open and close while i flexed my kegel muscles.

  • In a similar situation, but it was my young grown up sister who was 18 years old. She used to go to the toilet outside the house for peeing and one day I noticed she never closes the toilet door and pees with the door open. The next day as usual she went out to the toilet to pee and I just after some time ensuring she would be in the middle of the peeing, rushed to the open toilet and my god she was looking down at her own p**** and peeing happily. I had a full view of her p**** with dark thick pubis hair and the pee coming out straight. As I reached the door frame, she got startled and half the way of her pee she stood with her skirt falling down. I just casually warned her do it after closing the door and turned back. I immediately went to my room and took my p**** in my and had a fast j***. In the night too thinking of that young p**** had to m********* with never before full climas.

  • Once during holdays at Aunty's farmhouse, my big cousin sister aged 20 would go down their farm to their own pond from where the farm is water from the pump house on the pond edge. She used to have a bath every day in the morning in that pond and washes her panties and other dresses. When she started to move to the pond, I followed her out of sight and got into the pump house which had airlet holes all over the walls. From the pumphouse the steps to pond which was at the opposite side was clearly lit in the morning Sunshine. She covering her body with a big slim towel started removing her dresses facing the pumphouse. When it came to remove her panty she had to wriggle herself and I could clearly see through the gap of the wrapping towel her hairy p****. She removed her bra and just to tie around the towel around her she just opened the both ends fully exposing her nude body in the sunlight. Oh it was a pretty sight. My p**** which was already hard was being stroked by me. I was only 15 years then. Her b**** were not saggy but straight and full round. Her pubic hair was too thick and no sign of her c****. She after tightly wrapping the towel, first stepped into the pond steps down to the water and took two or three dips. She then walked back and sat at the water edge and started to wash her panty and bra. As she was drenged water and towel was not thick her body outline was clearly visible. The nipples were protruding and while she sat tilted her thighs were clearly showing in the sunlight. After washing her essentials she stepped into the water and swam across dipping at times and climbed back to put soap all over her body. At times opening the towel facing the me and clearly massaging the soap on her b**** body and p****. After her bath she took a dry towel and just dropped the wet towel exposing her body full to my view. Meantime I had reached my climax and had a great c**. Before dressed up and left for the house I sneaked out.

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