I had to suck my boyfriends friend

I love being dominated in the bedroom,but this the first time he did it with someone else. Me, my boyfriend and his buddy Al were just hanging out at my moms house by the pool drinking a few and talking,nothing big. { I should say my parents went away to Disney} . Then Paul { my boyfriend } says Tammy, show Al your new ink, I had just gotten a tattoo on my b***, I said really /
He said,show him , so i started to lift up my bikini top and Paul says no no no,take it off, So I reached behind ,untied the top, and took off my top.
I felt very embarrassed standing there topless in front of another guy.
He was obviously checking out my t*** and ink,then Paul says get closer to Al so he can see your tattoo closer { yeah right,he meant my t***}. Al was looking at my t*** {Tattoo lol} , and Paul says what do you think? Al says nice ink, great t***.
Im so f****** embarrassed and excited. Paul came up behind me as i was facing Al , and pulled my bottoms down and off,now Im naked in front of his friend, and he is staring at my shaved p****. Paul says to Al you like ? He says ohh my god your lucky, I wish I could find a girl like this .
Paul says Tammy, look you made him hard, give him a b****** . I was stunned,but pulled off his suit,and his hard c*** sprung out,bigger than Paul and thicker,I got got down and sucked him until he came in my mouth which I very much enjoy. Paul says thanks babe. I smiled and went in the house.
They came in after a few,I was still naked,Al said Ill see you soon,and left.

Aug 11, 2019

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  • Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!

  • You passed on the threesum you secretly wanted, why??

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