Woman into dog s**

I want to meet a woman who confesses a desire to incorporate an underage ( boy or girl) into the bedroom or at least would like to role play and talk about it during s**



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  • I love this girl 5 yo. She sleeps with me during most weekends at a room I rented from her mom. I guess she is a s*** and spends most weekends with guys elsewhere. So this girl feels free to come into my bed. I get her undressed as I am and we feel each others body as long as we wish. She loves snuggling into my chest and I do draw her closer - my legs over her waist holding her tight so that she could feel my hard throbbing c***. I am planning to go further - let her m********* my c*** to e********** and/or I suck her little p**** taking whole of it in my mouth.

  • F****** weirdo. Being attracted to little kids isn’t normal. Get help.

  • My daughter is 3 in December and I would love to see a man with her, I lick her but not the same as watching a man enjoy her

  • Cool dude

  • Being attracted to kids isn’t normal. Stop molesting your daughter. Creep

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